The Devil and Karen Kingston

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Based on the evidence from the handwritings and drawings of Karen Kingston, that it is an impossibility that all these specimens of writing could be the product of a single personality, that they differ in such a degree that cannot be accounted for by a more reasonable explanation, I am convinced that the handwritings of Karen Kingston examined here are unequivocally the result of a multiplicity of personalities which have their existence in and through her. There is absolutely no question of this in my mind. The sheer weight of evidence does not allow any other conclusion.

While no direct graphic or handwritten material was obtained in two of the cases involved here, the evidence from the drawings seems to be of a wider scope and indicates that, indeed, thirteen separate other personalities are involved. This evidence was obtained early in the experiment when no one could have knownhow it would all end.

In a psychological sense, it has been known that some persons react to deep-lying unconscious impulses by a splitting of consciousness, or dissociation. Such impulses may take the form of a secondary personality, and even assume a semi-independent existence.


Why some individuals are affected in this way and not others is only a matter of speculation in terms of science. Even the means of this association is unknown; it is simply described as being “highly complex and intriguing.” Such is the way when a phenomenon like this one is observed. Little more can be done than simply observe what appears to be happening and try to explain it in the only way we know how.

Is the multiple personality in Karen Kingston the result of a psychological reaction to trauma? Or is the multiple personality in Karen Kingston the direct effect of Twentieth Century demon possession? The reader may decide for himself. The fact remains that the case of Karen Kingston is a most unusual one–not only by virtue of the manifestation of thirteen other personalities, but for the method by which these personalities were dispelled and Karen returned to a state in which she now has hope for living a normal life.





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