The Devil and Karen Kingston

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“My name is Williams,” answered the spirit meekly. “Everyone in here knows that. Even you should know who I am. I am really quite active, you know. You simply haven’t been able to recognize me before today.”

The demonic force refused to say any more and started trying to withdraw. Karen crossed her arms defensively and stared at the door. She leaned back in her chair and seemed to relax.

Rogers commanded firmly, “I forbid you to stay in this child’s body! I order you, on the blood of Jesus Christ, to come forth now!”

“No! Leave me alone!” the demon replied emphatically. He no longer appeared to be fearful of the wiry minister.

“How long have you been inside this little girl?”

Karen shrugged, and the demon spoke. “Quite a long time.”

Rogers continued his relentless prodding. “Are there others in there with you?”

“Oh, yes, there are lots of us in here,” the demon answered nonchalantly. “We kind of like it.”

“Are you as comfortable now as you were before I found out about you?”

“It’s not really all that bad.” Another shrug. “Are you going to come out of her?”

A long silence.

“Are you going to come out of her for me?”

There was another long hesitation and then a meek, “No.” The demon now stopped responding to Reverend Rogers. It seemed to be trying to retreat again, to get away from the danger it sensed. Karen started to lightly gurgle. Once more the room filled with a stench of rotting flesh. The burping became more violent, loud and staccato like firecrackers on the Fourth of July. But Rogers ignored it all. He felt the demon was trying to deceive him into thinking it had left Karen.


Sister Ruth stepped forward and stood next to her husband. She whispered, “I want to pray with you. Let’s go to the Lord together now.”

Standing there, both Rogers and his wife laid their hands upon Karen’s head. They pleaded in unison for assistance from God. Ruth wept softly as she beseeched her Lord to take action. Then she began to rebuke Williams herself. Strength flowed into her as she felt touched by God’s spirit. Richard followed this by coming against the demon, too. He sternly commanded Williams to come out. Yet there was no response from within Karen. She sat passively. “Leave this girl in the name of the Lord!”

“On the blood of Jesus Christ! On the blood of Jesus Christ!” Sister Ruth was now kneeling in front of Karen. Tears were coursing down her cheeks. “Oh, God, in the name of Jesus, deliver this innocent child!”

“Where will I go?” cried Williams, the demon. The response instantaneous and his voice was tinged with fear. “Where will I go? What am I to do? How can you make me leave?”

“Go to Hell! Your place is in Hell! You must go there!” interjected the Catholic priest. “I order you to come out of her. I command you to go back from where you came–to Hell!”

“You don’t have the authority to make me obey as you command,” exclaimed Williams. “Even your God’s son could not do as you have ordered!”

Rogers knew that the well-meaning priest had made a common mistake. Nowhere in the Scriptures did Jesus cast the demons into Hell. He recalled the verses, “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest” (Matthew 12:43; Luke 11:24). Rogers was aware of only three Biblical examples that clearly noted what had happened to exorcised spirits. They were cast into swine (Matthew 8: 28-32; Mark 5:1-13; Luke 8:26-33). In all other cases cited, Jesus merely cast the evil forces out of the possessed person. No other clues were given as to where these entities finally went.


Reverend Rogers felt it best not to bring the error to Tyson’s attention at this time. He didn’t wish to lose his upper hand with the demon. “In the name of Jesus, on His blood, demon come forth! Leave! Leave!”

“I’ll come, but I’ll kill this bitch first,” screamed the demon. He was on the defensive and spewing hatred. I’ll kill this dirty bitch! You’ll be sorry for this! I’ll kill her!”

A faint tinge of bluish-green color appeared to emit from Karen. It completely enveloped her like a cloud. Then there was no longer any doubt about it-the aquamarine haze slowly changed to a dynamic red-orange. There was a brilliant flash of blinding light.


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