The Huff House

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“There’s a very strange compound that’s being built in the Ozarks.  I would call it a bunker.  It’s a fully off the grid, self sustaining massive compound. I think the sole purpose of it is to function as the new capital of the US or the world.”

Several banks are being built in the area, with a ratio of 1 bank for every 53 people.  In comparison, New York City has 1 bank for every 7,000 people, and Los Angeles has 1 bank for every 11,000 people.  “In L.A., one bank for 11,000 people- in this tiny town, one bank for every 53 people.

The "house" is an incredible 72,000 square feet in area, bigger than both the White House (55,000 sq.ft.) and Bill Gates’ house (66,000 sq.ft.).

Steven Huff

The house in question is owned under Steven Huff, LLC from Leesberg,VA.  Steven Huff is the owner of Overwatch Systems, a defense contractor that develops, amongst other things, geo-spatial satellites possibly used as surveillance technology.

Overwatch:  the all-seeing eye.  Many conspiracy theorists have called the corporation an Illuminati tool, and they point to the eye in its the logo.  All seeing, all powerful, all knowing- a symbol of the Illuminati.



Huff House

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