December 21, 2012

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The web bot is showing a huge data gap after 2012. Ten to twenty thousand unique people are visiting the American prepper's network on an irregular basis now. People are worried.

We are only one major event away from an apocalyptic, short lived, future. The current world economic situation could collapse at any time, with problems arising in many areas on an almost daily basis now.

In America, all the money is now in the hands of the very few, while the rest fight just to stay alive. I remember being at a McDonalds recently. It was not the lunch hour, and I was the only one waiting. I then heard the manager scream "90 SECONDS PEOPLE, 90 SECONDS". This is a good example of how the economy is now such a tightly wound sinking ship. Life in America has approached a level of insanity. As a middle aged man, this country represents nothing of when I was a child. It is almost alien. It is a crushing weight of unsustainability.

Even in the "working" world the desperation of people is evident. Lying, cheating, stealing, and moral decay is everywhere.

Of course there are high skilled jobs out there. A great many of those now pay ridiculously low wages.  "Outsourcing", a nice little word invented by corporate America is crushing the American economy. Americans cannot compete against slave labor wages in China and India.

Corporate America, and other mindless sheep would say that we can. Of course we can. Everyone in the world can have their very own mud hut to live in, while the top 2% live in Mansions with rooms they have never even walked into, and more money than they could spend in a lifetime.

Yet, as mindless sheep, we all run to Walmart to spend money we dont have on Chinese slave labor goods we don't need. Walmart is the epicenter of destruction to America. However, there are many more similar situations in different areas as well. Google is an example. Google has seized the search engine market, and is the only real option to monetizing a website. There is no real competition, similar to Walmart. Which means they alone set the rules for such. All areas of the economy is a race to consolidate money and power into the hands of the very few, while the actual work is done by low paid workers that have to generate sales in an almost frozen economy.

How long can this continue? It will reach a breaking point due to the constant devaluation of the now worthless American dollar. There is no hiding the fact that we are heading for a monetary crisis of Biblical proportions.

The main player in all of this is the Federal (as in federal express) Reserve. The federal reserve seized control of money printing almost 100 years ago, and have gradually destroyed the dollar by printing too much. Today much of it is not even printed, they are just zeros in a computer.

At any rate, its never a bad idea to be a little prepared for disasters. They seem to be happening at a quickening rate as 2012 comes to a close.


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