Ted Serios: The Man That Could Transfer Mental Images to Photos

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Ted Serios

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It is said that photos have been able to capture the future and even other dimensions. The method for revealing this involved a photographer taking pictures of a person's eyes which sometimes detailed some amazing results.

It is also said that some people were better at transferring these thought images than others.

There was one Chicagoan that was scientifically studied for his amazing ability to transfer thought images on film.

 Ted Serios

...US psychiatrist Jule Eisenbud also set forth a theory about the ability of photographic film to capture mental images. The scientist could not test his theory in practice until he met Ted Serios, a Chicago bellhop.

A series of photos of Serios' eyes turned out to be unique. Many of the "thoughtographs" were far from being perfect, but some others showed blurred images of things and people, whom Ted simply did not see at that moment. The images would often take only a part of a photo, or would be either inclined or overturned.


The scientist was very proud of his discovery. It later turned out that strange images could be taken when the camera lens was not focusing on the eye apple of Serios. The same thing could happen at the moment when Serios would incidentally cover his face with his hand to automatically protect his eyes from flashes.Ted Serios


Strange images could be seen on the photos even when Ted was looking at sealed envelopes prior to photo shoots. If there was a post card in the envelope, the photo would show a blurred image of the picture printed on the card. Eisenbud thus took the photo of a water tower in Chicago. The picture of the tower was placed in the envelope made of thick paper. However, the patient perceived the mental image of the tower anyway.

Similarly, Ted Serios saw other buildings, which he had never seen in his life. Ted was once asked to "take a photo" of the image of a souvenir shop in Colorado. The shop was called Old Wells Fargo Express Office. The researchers were shocked to see the words The Old Gold Store on the photos. That was the name, which the shop had many years ago. How could Serious capture the image of the past?....pravda.ru

Mental Images

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