Angel Caught on CCTV?

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Jakarta, Indonesia

I broke this video down into a frame by frame sequence using Open Shot.You can do the same, open shot is open source software available for linux. I do find this to be an odd video, as its light is reflected off the ceiling, floor, and other objects in the environment, including ones on the opposite side of the frame at different frames. The object in question is not uniform either, as you would expect from a cgi edit of some kind. It is very difficult to tell anything for sure, but I do find this interesting.

There is still much we do not even begin to fathom about a great many things in this world. Unfortunately, a determination cannot be made one way or the other on this video in my opinion. We will have to watch and pay attention to the origins of the video and any other information we can gather on it.

Earlier this month, an angel was caught on a closed circuit television (CCTV) video in Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta, Indonesia. The luminous glowing apparition that appears on the grainy black and white CCTV video certainly has all the hallmarks of being an actual alien.

It doesn't take any imagination to see that the alien creature sports large white wings visible on the sides of its body. It seems to drop from the sky out of nowhere and disappears as quickly as it came. According to the time stamp on the video, this alien was recorded on September 11, 2011.

A woman named Pramana Abbas commented on the event stating: "My cousin was in Cilandak on that night and the people who witnessed it was talking about it the whole night. Its real. They saw this bright light coming down from the sky, hit the ground, then took off."


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