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I am a fan of exorcism movies that specialize in realism, or even exaggerate a bit. This movie is not one of them. The original Exorcist movie for example, injects some realism on the religious end, and nicely exaggerates the possession itself. It is possible, watching the Exorcist, to suspend your disbelief for short time and enjoy the movie. In fact, the exorcist can scare you with its believability. Not so with Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes.


The Exorcist Tapes

Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes is a horrible movie which does a major disservice to the real event that did happen in 1975 - 1976. The movie begins with some of the real tape recordings itself, which will get your hopes up that you are about to watch a true account of what actually happened. It tries and miserably fails to re-tell the story of what happened to Anneliese. The 'movie' is completely unwatchable, and a ridiculous attempt at any sort of realism at all. I am pretty sure I have never seen worse acting in my life by the complete unknowns that are involved here.


I have seen some other reviews and comments on this abomination, who also find the film a complete disappointment. Expect to hear lines such as "that was some pretty trippy shit". An extremely ignorant line for an event that happened in the 1970's. And also, this classic line; "Well..........she looks......for lack of a better term, pretty fucked up." This moronic film looks like it was shot on a camera phone, with a $150 budget.


The "found film" genre movies, have got to be the worst kind of garbage out there, that is wrapped up, and somehow called "entertainment".  "Found films similar to this movie are Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity, Asylum, and The Last Exorcist. I personally find this genre of movie extremely annoying and unreal. Cloverfeild was watchable and mildly entertaining.


What's worse, is that the clowns who made this tragedy are on the internet promoting that they have "found" these recordings. Again, a major disservice to the real event. The Annelise Tapes blogspot is one of a few sites I found regarding this. I attempted to contact the listed email on that page and it is not a valid email. It is just as fake as the movie.


The movie switches between black and white, and faded color, for some unknown reason, in an attempt to show this was being recorded in the upper part of many parts of the house by a recording device that did not exist in 1976.


In short, the movie is an hour and 30 minutes of your life that you will never get back. You will see some breasts at around 38 minutes as she begins to rip her clothes off. Other than that, forget it. This film was dreamed up by a 20 year old somewhere, with no imagination.


Save your money. There is no doubt this will be nominated for one of the top worst films of 2011.


Real Recordings

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