1912 Villisca, Iowa Axe Murder House

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1912 Villisca, Iowa Axe Murder House - voted one of the scariest places on Earth.

1. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Midlothian, IL
2. The Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, Missouri
3. Villisca Ax Murder House, Villisca, Iowa
4. The Old Slave House (Hickory Hill), Junction, IL
5. The Winchester Mansion, San Jose, California
6. Bobby Mackey's Music World, Wilder, Kentucky
7. Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana
8. John Stone's Inn, Ashland, Massachusetts
9. Devil's Promenade, Hornet, Missouri
10. United States Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio

Six people, 2 adults and 4 children were all brutally butchered while sleeping in their beds - its reported the killer or "killers"- hid up inside the family's attic (while they were away at church) waited till they returned home and were all asleep- then attacked- killing all.

Horrifically the murders have never been solved- many reports of haunting surround the home (including recorded EVPs and ghostly children rolling toy balls across the floor, also the opening and closing of the closet door on its own accord.-The Home has now become a popular "haunted" tourist attraction.

SpooksCentral is lucky enough to have an investigator visiting this house near the end of June 2011. Cindy will be bringing her equipment in as well in an attempt to capture evidence of the paranormal during her overnight stay. I will be joining her and a group of 6 people. The cost is $400 for a group of 6, or $75 per person.

I plan to bring several pieces of recording equipment including laptops with motion detection sensors as well as a myriad of other toys to hopefully capture something paranormal. Look for our results sometime near the end of June this year.


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