Three in Four Americans Believe in Paranormal

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Gallup: 75% of Christians and 66% of non-Christians hold paranormal beliefs.

The majority of Americans believe in paranormal phenomenon of one type or another. There is no difference, statistically, between demographic groups, and only minor differences across religious subgroups of the study.

In other words, three out of four of us believe in ghosts or other paranormal phenomenon, which includes ESP (41%), Clairvoyance (26%), hauntings (41%), communicating with the dead (21%) and channeling (15%.)

73% of Americans believe in paranormal, average


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If you remove the Christian versus non-Christian aspect, 73% of American’s believe in some form of paranormal activity. Only 27% believes in none of these activities.

The Gallup poll of 1005 Americans, conducted in 2005, indicated:

Hauntings: 37%
• ESP (Extrasensory perception): 41%
• Ghosts as actual spirits of the dead: 32%
• Reincarnation: 20%
• Telepathy: 31%
• Astrology: 25%
• Communication with the dead: 21%
• Magic and witchcraft: 21%
• Channeling (allowing spirit to assume control of a body): 9%

42% of Americans believe in possession
Nearly half of Americans believe that “people on this earth are sometimes possessed by the devil.” Also, of interest in the study, 55% believe the power of the mind can be used to heal.

Accuracy of study
Gallup poll of 1002 adults, aged 18 and up, conducted in 2005, considered accurate to 95%, with a sampling error of plus or minus 3%.

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