Demonic Attacks in Gary, Indiana

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A nine-year-old boy walkeddemonic basement backwards up a wall and ceiling as startled medical staff looked on after his mother claimed he and his two siblings had been possessed by demons, according to official reports official report. The unlikely-sounding event was detailed in official documents after a child services case worker and a nurse both said they saw the boy 'glide' backwards on the floor, wall and ceiling.


Both were shocked to see the boy apparently float after their mother had been subject to months of scepticism when she claimed her home in Gary, Indiana, was haunted and all three of her children were possessed by demons. "All of the children were expericing (sic) spiritual and emotional distress," Washington wrote in the DCS form Court Order.

Latoya Ammons said her 12-year-old daughter also levitated in the home, and all three of her children showed signs of being possessed including 'evil' smiles and unnaturally deep voices, according to the Indianapolis Star.Miss Ammons' home was officially exorcised by a catholic priest who said the ceremonies were officially authorized by the Diocese of Gary.Police also observed strange goings on at the house and a captain of the city's force has said he 'is a true believer' that the house is haunted.


After a string of apparent paranormal events at the house hardened police officers - including the local captain - even declared themselves too frightened to stay there after nightfall and numerous city officials refused to go to the property.


A makeshift altar Ammons had created was still in place, along with rings of salt she had poured against the basement walls to "dissuade the demons," according to a Hammond Police Department report Police Report. <-- right click 'save as'


Ammons said hospital personnel laughed at her desire to anoint her sons in olive oil.

"I couldn't talk to them," she said, "so I talked to God."

The boys woke up in the hospital. The older boy, then 9, acted rationally, but the youngest screamed and thrashed, Campbell said.


She said it took five men to hold him down.

Meanwhile, someone called DCS and asked the agency to investigate Ammons for possible child abuse or neglect. The caller, who is not named in the DCS report, [ <-- right click 'save as'] speculated that Ammons might have a mental illness. The person believed the children were performing for Ammons, and she was encouraging their behavior.

Mother-of-three Ms Ammons, 32, said she was only rid of the spirits that haunted her family's home in Gary after she moved away and underwent multiple exorcisms and police dug under the house to check for graves. The Indianapolis Star obtained hundreds of pages of official documents and carried out more than a dozen interviews with police, the Department of Child Services, psychologists, relatives and a priest to uncover the bizarre details - which seem like something straight out of a horror movie. Gary Police Captain Charles Austin told the paper that he had initially be skeptical of the family's claims, but after conducting interviews and visiting the home, he now admits: 'I am a believer.'


The story began when the Ammons family - Latoya, her mother, Rosa Campbell, and three children - moved into the rental house on Carolina Street in November 2011.Soon after, they began noticing odd incidents, such as flies swarming the house throughout December, footsteps in the basement and wet bootprints across the living room floor, Ammons said. But the terror stepped up on March 10, 2012 when the family had friends visiting late into the night. Ammons got up to check on her 12-year-old daughter. 


Activity: Most of the problems at the home were around the basement stairs, pictured. Police dug a four foot hole under the stairs to look for graves. On hearing Ammons' screams, Campbell ran to the room and saw the girl was levitating above the bed, unconscious, she said.'I thought, "What's going on?"' Campbell said. "'Why is this happening?"' The group prayed until the girl eventually moved back down on to the bed - but she could not remember anything about the incident. The visiting friends refused to return to the home.

Ammons said that she was not financially in a position to move so instead had to endure the terror. The family contacted churches and clairvoyants - and while most would not listen, others gave them advice to wash the children's hands with oil, make an altar in the basement and burn sage and sulfur throughout the house. The clairvoyants warned that the home was haunted by more than 200 demons, Ammons said. Despite their efforts, they still felt the demons in the house and the children showed increasing signs of being possessed, Ammons and Campbell said.


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