Demonic Attacks in Gary, Indiana

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Haunted Demon House


Creepy: Now that the Ammons family have moved out the new tenants claim they have had no problems, certainly not any of demonic possession




Disbelief: Father Maginot says he set out to disprove the claims but instead became utterly convinced of them


She claims the family was terrorized beyond all endurance. And the impact in school-time lost and medical treatment sought saw the Department of Child Protection Services step in and call in first he police, and finally after one particularly harrowing event, Father Maginot. 

Sitting before the fire in the main room of St Stephen the Martyr’s rectory in Merrillville, Indiana, Father Maginot admitted he only became involved by chance. He happened to be covering for the usual chaplain of Gary ER on the weekend when a medic called in some distress to report a bizarre occurrence.


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