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Pettrified Donna Ayres, 33, filmed mobile footage of a cup appearing to move on its own and a light swinging from side to side

A woman claims to have captured the moment the ghost of her dead brother terrorised her home.

Petrified Donna Ayres, 33, filmed this mobile phone footage of spooky goings-on at her home in Blackpool, Lancs.

The clip shows a cup seemingly moving on its own while in another a light swings from side to side.

The mum-of-four is so blighted by paranormal activity she has been forced to move house FIVE TIMES in her attempts to escape the distressing disturbances which she says have made her life a living hell.

And she has revealed she believes she is being haunted by the ghost of her brother Paul, who died in 2009.

But despite her attempts to escape the ghastly ghoul, brave Donna has been unable to shake off the spirit.

Donna, originally from Burnley, said: "Ever since my brother died strange things have occurred in every house I've lived in, it's been a living hell.

"Probably the worst time was when I was pinned to the bed, I'll never forget it – it was very traumatic.

"I believe this is happening because death has always followed me, but I have strong suspicions the spirit could be my brother, who died when I was younger.

"We had a very troubled relationship, perhaps that's why he's come back to haunt me."

Donna first started noticing strange disturbances, such as loud bangs at night and scratches on the wall, after the death of her brother in 2009.

Since then, Donna, who lives with her partner Jason Heys, 45, has been forced to move house five times to try and escape the prolific and increasingly more terrifying hauntings.

But despite moving house, Donna claims the mysterious spirit will not leave her alone, just like in the American supernatural horror film Paranormal Activity, where the victims of the ghost are plagued for life.

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In a bid to prove the existence of the spirit, Donna, who has been desperate to find an explanation, decided to capture the paranormal activity on her camera phone.

But as the number of disturbances increased, Donna believes she has instead angered the spirit, who she claims to be her brother plaguing her from beyond the grave.

She said: "The paranormal activity first started in 2009 when I began to hear bangs at night, and then scratches appeared on the wall.

"Since these first encounters I've had nothing but rampant paranormal activity in every house I've lived in, I'm just at the end of my tether.

"I have even woke up with bruises some mornings, despite not being in contact with anyone.

Donna Ayres

"Once my guitar started playing on its own which I actually found very interesting, I know this makes me sounds stupid but it's the truth.

"It's hard to get the footage as sometimes the paranormal activity is too quick to film, but I think I've done well to catch what I have with a basic camera phone.

"Given the rocky relationship with my brother, I genuinely believe this ghost is haunting me, not just the house which I live in, which is the most terrifying thing."

The videos have sparked a furious debate on social media, with a swathe of paranormal investigators offering to conduct a thorough paranormal investigation into the disturbances.

According to Sefton Paranormal Investigators, if the video footage is genuine, this type of paranormal phenomenon would be classified as a poltergeist - a supernatural being often blamed for physical disturbances such as loud bangs and objects being moved through the air by unseen forces.

 Donna Ayres

 It is unknown if this video is real or a hoax at this time. With today's technology, it is extremely easy to fake such a video, making determination one way or the other very difficult. However, there is a shot of an ouija board in the video, which usually does preclude such events.

In the video you see the laid out ouija board. In cases where these events are true and not hoaxed, it surprises us is how many people believe these entities are dead relatives. They are not. They are demons who show up upon receiving permission through an ouija board session. The number of paranormal TV shows that promote this thinking is off the charts. If you seek out the unknown, it will find you. It is not your dead grandmother looking to wish you happy birthday and a card for $9 dollars.

The mocking hour for demons is 3am, demons scratch their victims with 3 claw marks, there are knocking sounds on the walls that can happen in a series of threes as well. This is all to mock Christ who died on the cross at 3pm. Events that are satanically inspired like to invert, reverse, or show the exact opposition to God upon making their appearances.

The entire strategy of the ouija board is to get one to look anywhere else other than God, or into a false god for answers to their questions.

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