UFO Shuts Down 10 Nuclear Silos

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Captain Robert Salas, was in the United States Air Force from 1964 until 1971 who was stationed in Montana as a nuclear missile launch commander. On March 16, 1967, there was a startling event that took place. The captain was 60 feet underground monitoring 10 minuteman nuclear tipped missiles. A security guard called the captain who reported they were seeing strange lights flying in the sky. This initial call was disregarded.


A 2nd call was made to the captain in which it was reported from a scared security guard that a bright red oval shaped object was hovering over the front gate to the base. All the guards were out with weapons drawn.


As the captain reported to the commander of the silo, all the nuclear weapons in their control all 'went down', one right after another. They went into a no-go condition and were un-launchable during this incident. 6-8 Nuclear warheads went down at this time.


A similar incident happened at a nearby base where they lost all 10 of their nuclear launch capability in a similar way.


It is cause for very grave concern to the security of the United States if nuclear launch capability can be manipulated in such a way in which no one is able to begin to understand how this can happen.



Something is happening. Unexplained, real strange and disturbing objects, and events surrounding these objects are being seen in the skies world wide. It is real. UFOs have been recorded on radar, and reported consistently, with an explosion of reports in the last 50 years. Even high ranking military officers and astronauts have made such claims, and show the evidence. It has been going on for years and is accelerating. What you think may be going on, could be something else entirely. Something far more frightening than you can imagine.


People from all walks of life, from all parts of the globe are seeing anomalous craft in the sky. Are they aliens from another world? A government experiment gone terribly wrong? A conspiracy by governments to create an illusion of the 'end times' as predicted in all religions of the world? Outlandish as these ideas sound, they have been brought forth and are being discussed.


OR, most horrifically, could the abduction and UFO phenomena be an illusion created by Satan, and his demons who are at war with God for the souls of humanity? Demons pretending to be 'aliens' as popular scientific culture would have us believe, could be a ruse to fool humankind, and lose faith in God, and believe that humankind is so powerful and that only we exist and influence our environment. Satan could be encouraging the belief that he does not exist through darwinism, and science, and general lack of belief in God.



There are reports that 'alien abductions' can be stopped by invoking the name of Christ. Also, that the 'aliens' are here to help, and are watching and guiding us, so that we do not destroy ourselves in nuclear war. It is quite disturbing that UFOs have been involved in changing nuclear missle launch codes above sites they have appeared above.


Odd sightings have happened for centuries. In the past they were thought of as 'fairies' or 'gnomes' and that is what popular culture believed at that time as well. Read on for a radical take on what is really happening in the world today.


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On the flip side, these objects are affecting our physical plane of existence as well.

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