Hunting for Bigfoot: Thermal Video / Imagery

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This video was posted by Tcsjr Bigfoot - Ohio Bigfoot Hunter who states on his YouTube channel: We are Bigfoot Researchers and spend countless hours out in the wilderness searching for the elusive beast. I saw this creature in 1992 and know it exists. The videos you will see is random footage of our field research. We do not claim anything on our videos but there are certain things that happen which could be connected to this being.

The evidence that we find and our conclusions is based on our own personal opinions.

We will continue to provide you with High Definition videos and many dedicated hours of field research and appreciate all the help and comments from our viewers.

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NOTE: I have no reason to doubt the witness. In fact, I feel he is being quite sincere in his presentation...there may very well have been an unknown hominid roaming those woods. But thermal imaging, in my opinion, can't be used as a governing factor. Intelligent research and investigation needs to follow up the thermal evidence. Nonetheless, I really do appreciate the effort made by Mr. Stover and I do hope he continues his quest...Lon


Thermal Bigfoot this going to be a new trend? I have reposted Michael Greene's evidence below. Can we expect more of this?

Uwharrie, NC (PRWEB) -- ”This is the most important footage of a Sasquatch since Paterson/ Gimlin film taken over 40 years ago,” said Matthew Moneymaker, head of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO)as he introduced guest speaker Michael Greene to a crowd of 250 Bigfoot researchers in Yakima, Washington, at an invitation only tribute to Bob Gimlin.

In 1967 The Paterson/ Gimlin film of a Sasquatch striding across a creek in northern California made headlines around the world.

Since then there has been only dubious additional footage, usually crudely made fakes.

Until now.

In April 28th,2009, some three minutes of video of a Sasquatch were taken through a thermal imager (FLIR) by Michael Greene, in the Uwharrie National Forest, NC.

This footage, known as “The Squeaky Thermal” was first shown at Bob Gimlin’s birthday party 2 weeks later. It was viewed with wild applause and a heartfelt “Thank you, thank you so much” from Bob Gimlin, who was finally receiving some well deserved vindication of his efforts so long ago.

Michael Greene is the retired Chief of a State Fraud Investigations Bureau. has a Master’s Degree in Psychology, and is a Court Qualified Questioned Documents Expert ,and former Investigator for the Public Defender’s Office .His hobby for the last 20 years has been searching for proof of this elusive beast. This quest has taken him from glacier fields in the Yukon, to a giant meteor crater in northern Quebec, the Everglades of Florida and the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest.

In 2008 he briefly saw a Sasquatch in the Uwharrie National Forest , and spent the next year repeatedly camping at the spot, trying to encourage its return and gain some semblance of its trust.


“Over and over I left out bananas, apples, peanut butter, Zagnut bars, and little squeaking bathtub toys that my grandchildren like to play with. Hence the name 'Squeaky', one of the toys the Bigfoot took. Sometimes things would be taken , most times not. At the time I could only record for about 2 hours, the battery life of the thermal , so a lot of the night went unrecorded. This is definitely a patient man’s game.

"A thermal imager sees only images made by heat. FLIR, or Forward Looking Infra Red, is most familiar to viewers of police reality shows like COPS, where a fugitive is seen from a helicopter as a white image, running through backyards. You cannot fool a thermal imager as it is recording only the heat signature of what it sees. Thus, a man in a costume would look splotchy and irregular, as his costume would suppress the body heat to varying degrees, unlike a naked man, or Bigfoot, which would appear primarily as a solid color."

Greene continues, "Around 11:30 on the night of April 28th, 2009 I was setting up the thermal recording stuff, to try hiding it in the back of my Toyota Highlander when I heard movement in the woods down in the area I expected it to show up. On an impulse I took the thermal imager and put it on a tripod, with the DVR ( Digital Video Recorder) on the ground next to it. Then I got in the car and drove away, leaving my campsite very obviously deserted . I drove to the one entrance to the area ( which had no one else in it) and parked for two hours ( the approximate life of the thermal’s battery ). When I returned the battery was indeed dead, but the bait was gone.

"On reviewing the tape I saw that about half an hour after I drove away, the creature very cautiously approaches, crawling up the hill behind the stump, then reaches up with its right arm and grabs the Zagnut bar. Then it crawls backwards , moving almost out of sight and moves off to the right of the screen. A few seconds later, perhaps emboldened by its success, it reappears on the right side of the screen and moves, standing upright, to behind a tree, where it slowly sways back and forth, giving the viewer a good idea of its enormous bulk. This swaying behavior has been repeatedly reported by other witnesses. The height I estimate at around 7 ½ feet, but it is hard to exactly pin down as the ground slopes down , away from the viewer so one cannot exactly tell where it’s feet hit the ground.

"My website,, gives a thorough explanation of the area, and how it was filmed and a reenactment of the Sasquatch’s movements by me, wearing only shorts, taken from the same spot, with the same equipment. You can see the difference, and I’m 6’5” tall and 190 pounds .By comparison, this thing is huge. The website also contains the complete Squeaky Thermal video (Copyrighted).

"After Bob Gimlin’s birthday party I posted some of the footage on the BFRO website, where it has been viewed over 80,000 times, with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

"Most people are completely unaware of the enormous body of reports and evidence for this fascinating but very elusive creature’s existence. I suggest that they explore the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) website at and spend a few hours reading.


"Most people are completely unaware of the enormous body of reports and evidence for this fascinating but very elusive creature’s existence. I suggest that they explore the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) website at and spend a few hours reading.

"My efforts continue to this day, now with the ability to record all night long with two thermal imagers, in hopes of getting clearer and longer footage to finally put the question of their existence to bed once and for all.”

Michael Greene recently moved to Salisbury, North Carolina. Formerly from New Jersey, he is a Private Pilot, Former EMT, and 18 year veteran of the National Ski Patrol., He served as a Sergeant/ Tank Commander with the 4th Recon Squadron,6th Armored Cavalry.

A full biography and details of his long search may be seen on his website

An interview with Greene discussing how he obtained the thermal footage may be seen on YouTube at BFRO VIDEOS, Mike Greene (sic) Interview.


The full video is roughly 3.5 minutes long. This clip shows only the highlights, and in lower resolution than what is possible. You can pay a few bucks to see the entire clip online at or you can wait a few weeks for the full version in better resolution (not a whole lot better resolution though). Mike Greene will make the whole clip available for download, eventually, so you can rewind and watch it multiple times.

The download will cost a few bucks also, but it's still much cheaper than a DVD.


Greene feels he deserves something in return for the intermittent two (2) year effort he made to get this footage. We can't argue with him. It's his footage.

It is very important footage though, because it was gotten with the new technique that others should try:

Get up and drive away from the camp at the first indication of a stalking sasquatch. Leave the camp unattended for at least one hour with the camera rolling, and aimed at the food pile near a treeline, near some big trees.

There is great potential in this method for daylight footage, and it has not been tried anywhere else. It should be tried a lot more, in a lot more places. It may be the easiest and most practical way to obtain clear, close-range footage in daylight, and it can be done easily with a newer hard-drive camcorder and an extended battery. Sony makes several High-Def hard-drive camcorders nowadys that can accommodate extended batteries that will give you 10 hours of continuous recording.

Tape camera or disc camcorders are not ideal for this because they don't record long enough before the media needs to be swapped.

The camcorder must be hidden among other camping gear so it is not conspicuously aiming at the food. This is where most people will fail, because they will underestimate the intelligence of these animals.

No one can remain hidden near the camp either. Squatches seem to know that trick and won't come near if they think someone is left behind to possibly ambush them. That is why Squeaky was so very cautious approaching the stump. It didn't know if someone was still in the tent.

For that reason it will be best to have no tent at all, rather just tarps, airmats, and sleeping bags, like a backpacker.

If you have a vehicle nearby, leave the camp and drive far enough away so your engine cannot be heard by anything up on elevation acting as a whistling sentry.

Mike Greene made sure no one could steal the expensive thermal camera by parking on the only road into the camp, but some distance away. For that reason, a camp at the end of a small spur off a desolate forest road, would be ideal for car campers, if good equipment were to be left there for several hours

If your camp is somewhere where no one can possibly spot it from a driveable road, then just stay far away for an hour or two. Let the camera do the work.

Don't be obvious about the camera when you return to the camp. Assume you are being watched and don't approach the food pile til morning.



The BFRO posted the following on it's website about a month ago:

Let it be known far and wide: The market value for bigfoot footage is $100 per second. Shout it from the mountain tops. It’s a fact!

The BFRO is willing to pay at least $100 per second for new and authentic footage of a bigfoot (i.e. clear footage in daylight or in headlights).

If $100-per-second seems like too much to pay for bigfoot footage … consider that most sightings last only a few seconds. And consider that very few people have observed a bigfoot in daylight, and at close range (less than 100 feet), for more than 30 minutes or so.

Observations lasting more than a minute or two are exceedingly rare. That will not change.

The supply of new, authentic bigfoot footage will never exceed the demand.

If you obtain clear bigfoot video footage during a BFRO expedition, the market value will be at least $200 per second. That’s what we would pay for it.

Here’s why:

Reliable measurements of the surroundings, and systematic comparative video clips can be obtained immediately afterward, with the help of several knowledgeable people and witness bystanders.

Comparative clips can be made using the same camera, from exactly the same camera angle. Also, the surrounding foliage in the comparative video is exactly the same as in the original video. The changing foliage pattern is usually the most difficult variable to contend with long after the fact.

A group of experienced bigfoot researchers being present and voluntarily gathering all the useful data immediately afterward … makes things much, much easier for us when trying to ascertain accurate biometric measurements of the figure.

Honestly, if someone does manage to obtain a clear daytime video of a Bigfoot it's most likely NOT going to be offered to the BFRO. I can appreciate the offer and the attempt but I'm afraid the BFRO is setting itself and the Bigfoot research community up for a ton of fake videos. Let's just hope that this is not the case.


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