Aliens; Fallen Angels sent to Decieve?

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UFO and Alien Phenomena; Extraterrestrial or Interdimensional?


Do UFOs aliens and ghosts exist, or are they a figment of man's imagination? If they are real, where do they come from?


Many UFO reports seem to pertain more to accounts of 'poltergeists' in which objects fly around the room and strange sounds are heard, rather than to solid items of nuts and bolts in our physical realm. It is one of the many reasons the explanation of UFOs as extraterrestrials from space does not fit these experiences. There appears to be a number of accounts that deal with 'aliens' referring to religion, God, and even the Bible in odd ways.


Demonology has been around for thousands of years, and it includes the study of monsters and demons who have seemingly coexisted with man throughout history. Thousands of books have been written on this subject by educated clergymen, scientists and scholars, and untold numbers of well documented demonic events are readily available to every researcher. The manifestations reported are very similar to the UFO phenomenon itself. Victims of demonic possession suffer similar medical and emotional systems as are reported in UFO abductees.


The Devil and demons can, according to the literature, manifest themselves in any form and can physically imitate anything from angels to horrifying monsters with glowing eyes. Strange objects and entities materialize and dematerialize in these reports, just as the UFOs and their occupants appear and disappear, walk through walls, and perform other supernatural feats.


A large part of available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism and the metaphysical. It deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing, and invisible entities as well as phenomena like poltergeist manifestation and possession.


Modern global belief in flying saucers and their occupants is identical to an earlier belief in the fairy world. The entities described are largely indistinguishable from the elves, sylphs and lutins of the middle ages. I believe UFOs are real, but the represent a demonic delusion projected from hell itself. Today's gray aliens are yesterday's fairies dancing in the meadows. Our ancestors knew what those images were of fallen angels operating in the realm of Satan. Today, since they wear jumpsuits and claim to come from other galaxies, more people are willing to believe them in our time of technological progress. In fact, the amount of people who currently believe there is life in outer space has increased by around 10% per decade in the last several decades.


A great many of these abduction accounts tell of heinous experiments and even sexual acts upon people who are treated as lab rats. The UFO and abduction experiences reported seem to live in a realm of shadows that represent and incredible delusion to humanity. UFOs seem to be large scale violations of the second law of thermodynamics in which energy is arranged to take on enough force that it appears to look like matter, although it is really just a concentration of energy, not matter in the traditional sense.

Demons, as fallen angels have retained great power, such as the manipulation and restructuring of matter, as well as the ability to influence or control human consciousness and experience through classic possession. It is interesting that the Bible calls Satan the "ruler of this world" John 12:31, and the "prince of the power of the air" Ephesians 2:2.



Because they are now appearing in a new modern guise should tell us something about their purposes. Demons are trying to deceive men in the historical context of the day in which they appear. Aliens from a far away world would have no need or purpose to deceive or trick humans by appearing in different disguises. Fallen angels, in a war against God, to steal the souls of man, however, would certainly do this.


Four million people in the United States alone have claimed to have been kidnapped against their will and subjected to medical examination procedures aboard alien spacecraft alone with bizarre sexual encounters. This phenomenon is occurring all over the world, and if true, is a far cry from the benign and friendly contacts that have been claimed in previous years.


Alien Grey


In fact these so called alien's plan could be to eventual reveal that THEY created us, and we are a genetic experiment, and that THEY wrote the Bible and performed all the miracles in it. Also they are hear to safe of from ourselves, ie; nuclear war and the hundreds of other man made disasters happening on the planet at this moment. It is a plan to re-arrange all of mankind's concepts and to further weaken and or destroy any and all faith left in God.


This insidious thought process has worked it's way into mainstream thinking today, with no question. I have heard many people proclaim that this idea could be exactly what has happened. You will easily find News media, movies, and the internet pushing this sort of belief. Even the latest India Jones and the crystal skull has this type of plot line. People are assaulted with various belief systems all day long without even realizing it in today's realm of instant information.

This is still a good thing, but as with all things, one must put high scrutiny on any and all ideas. Is any of this true? I cannot know for sure. It is damn interesting however. The fact is, something is most certainly happening in the world with regards to UFO and abduction reports. It is a phenomena that can be and has been seen my millions in first hand knowledge or by viewing recordings of unknown objects both on film, and in some cases even radar.


Military encounters have been reported as well, with nuclear launch codes being changed while a craft was overhead. I do not find these reported entities as being 'benign' as has been reported in some cases. The entire situation is one of stealth, deception, and great fear and horror in the case of abductees.

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