Stephen Hawking - There is no Heaven

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There is major buzz all over the net about Stephen Hawking's latest interview, which I have a few thoughts on the subject myself. Hawking states "Heaven is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark".


Einstein once reportedly stated his own accumulated knowledge represented less than one percent of all available knowledge. He supposed heaven could exist outside his awareness. Einstein's answer was a reasoned estimation based on a finite existence, and inability to ever verify this. Hawking's supposition starts from a similar point but he then points out there is no God, or heaven, a point which even he could not know.


Quantum Mechanics and String theory, include "spooky action at a distance", the literal phrase used when particles at opposite ends of the universe are able to share information instantaneously. In other science, the speed of light is reported as 186,282 miles per second, and is the maximum speed at which all energy, matter, and information in the universe can travel.


quantum entanglement

Obviously both these theories cannot be correct. The fact of the matter is these theories are absolutely that. Theories. The sub atomic level mathematics and the mathematics of our observable world, do not jive at all, although these ideas are paraded as fact, rather than theory, in various scientific TV shows, especially in the UK, where, incidentally, atheism is on the rise.


Books on the subject of string theory and quantum mechanics are far more honest about the status of these theories. Even as such, science is quite valuable and working these theories out to a one 'unified theory' that would accurately explain all things, sub atomic and the standard model, and tie these together mathematically.


However, even if the the science is correct, it calls for some kind of teleportation,  and or things that do not make any sense in our daily understanding of the world around us.


My point would be, in regards to the existence of God, and heaven, etc is that, if anything, the further we press the limits of understanding, it is being shown even through science, that objects do not behave as we would expect, other dimensions exist in these theories, and many more anomalies. So as a theoretical physicist would place more faith in these theories than in God, it is here that a certain amount of irony lives.


My last reading of string theory is that the mathematics point towards a total of 11 possible dimensions. Obviously, we as humans do not run into God on a daily basis, and it would be quite reasonable to assume He would exist outside of this dimension.


Now, of course, there are many, many arguments for why this, and why that. Why the suffering, why the evil, basically, why are we in the 'Human Condition'? Although my understanding is just as limited as anyone else's, I would argue there is a war between good and evil, God and the Devil for the souls of humanity. To me, the science is showing mathematically the existence of free will. God allowed free will as he did not want robots doing his bidding. In this, there was a rebellion of a third of the angels (demons) who were cast down, and now rule Earth, thus the suffering.


Now, this is just my belief, and not to be taken as what one should do with his or her life on the planet. I do not endorse any kind of cult like religions where one is isolated and brainwashed, or told to fly planes into buildings. This has nothing to do with a true belief in God. One should be given all sides of all stories and make their own mind up.




I believed evolution for a time as I was taught both sides as a child, creation, and evolution. First I believed creation, then as a teen, I believed evolution as it was taught in school. I no longer believe we came from monkeys. I have not believed that for a long time. Nor do I believe any interpretation of creation by others. I operate on independent thought entirely. The are many reasons I come to this conclusion. The first is part of the reason is why I created this website. There are an incredible amount of things that go on without rational explanation, some of which I have had first hand experience with.


Also, I just personally believe there is a reason for the struggle we are all living. Evolution does nothing to explain the existence of the universe, multiverse, or omniverse itself. The big bang theory itself may even be incorrect as reported in these pages in another article. Evolution states we came from monkeys. Well......where did the monkeys come from, and infinitely regress from there. You end up at a point of nothingness.


The main reason for my throwing in with God, is that, there could be no scientific reason for the creation of Something from Nothing, ie; the creation of the universe itself.


Stephen Hawking is wrong on this one.

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