Entity Attacks Paranormal Investigator At Lizzie Borden House

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Hello, There’s a channel I subscribe to on youtube that has videos from a paranormal group and their videos have recently been getting really popular and they are now a youtube partner paranormal channel, but anyways they have a new video that was uploaded today that I thought maybe you should put up on your website, well many of their videos are worthy of putting up on your site, but the newest one just really scared the hell out of me. The video is…

The video shows some kind of paranormal attack on a human, and its not one of those fake videos that people put on youtube just to scare people, this is a real group and I think thats why youtube made them a partner, but you should check out their channel Mass Most Haunted and put at least their newest video up on your website, it’s truly compelling if you ask me, and I’m not part of this group, just love the paranormal and visit your website often and thought I would tell you about it.


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