Enfeild Poltergiest Recordings and Transcript

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The last activity at the house was reported in September 1978. But in the 32 years that have followed interest in the case has continued to be intense – especially as extensive audio recordings exist of the activity, including recorded speech. The case has been the subject of numerous television documentaries.

Mr Playfair added: “It’s been accepted as one of the classic cases, there were so many people involved and I think it was the first or second case when the investigators were there right at the start and stayed right until the end.”

The Enfeild Poltergeist Documentary

Transcript of a small portion of the 180 hrs of recording with an unknown entity who addressed, and spoke with a number of people in this case from the 1970's.

Ed Warren: Hello?

Voice: Hello.

Ed Warren: Do you know who I am?

Voice: Yeah.

Ed Warren: Who am I?

Voice: Ed.

Ed Warren: That's right, Ed. Who are you?

Voice: Fred-die.

Ed Warren: You're Freddie, huh? What's your real name?

Voice: Yeccccch . . . (noise)

Ed Warren: When are you going to leave here, Fred?

Voice: Five hundred years.

Ed Warren: That's a long time. Can you move something to show us you're here?

Voice: No.

Ed Warren: Why not?

Voice: Tommy pulled my arm out.

Ed Warren: Oh, there's two of you? Put Tommy on.

Voice: (A new voice, though still gruff and gutteral) Yeah. I'm Tom-my.

Ed Warren: Tommy, how do you think we could get rid of all the problems that are happening in this house?

Voice: Kill the ghosties!

Ed Warren: Kill the ghosties? Aren't you a ghostie?

Voice: No!

Ed Warren: Tell me, how did you get into this house?

Voice: Came up from under the floorboards.

Ed Warren: How many of you are there all together?

Voice: (Counting slowly and deliberately) Ah . . . uh . . . one . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five . . . six. Six are here — no, five.

Ed Warren: What are their names?

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