Enfeild Poltergiest Recordings and Transcript

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Voice: Fred-die, Tom-my, Billy, uh . . . Charlie, and Dick. John's not here.

Ed Warren: Where's John?

Voice: Don't know.

Ed Warren: Who's the leader? Are you the leader?

Voice: Nobody. Nobody's the leader. I'm a liar.

Ed Warren: Who else is there? Is there anyone else there?

Voice: Yeah.

Ed Warren: Who?

Voice: Gutter-Man's here.

Ed Warren: Put Gutter-Man on. Let him speak. Are you there, Gutter-Man?

Voice: Yeah (a different voice, this one a bit clearer).

Ed Warren: Gutter-Man, what do you have to say?

Voice: (Yelping noises) This house is haunted. Kill the ghosties!

Ed Warren: Gutter-Man, were you ever alive?

Voice: Yeah.

Ed Warren: Where?

Voice: In soldiers. I'm a soldier.

Ed Warren: In whose army are you a soldier?

Voice: All armies. I'm a soldier.

Ed Warren: Who else is here, Gutter-Man?

Voice: Ah . . . uh . . . Zachary's here.

Ed Warren: Put him on, Gutter-Man. Let Zachary speak.

Voice: (Suddenly there is incredible moaning and groaning. The voice is utterly bizarre. The wailing ends up in a long cry of "Help" that takes ten seconds to come out.)

Ed Warren: Holy cow. What was that? Put Zachary back on.

Voice: (Woeful moaning recurs.)

Ed Warren: Who else is here, Fred?

Voice: I ain't Fred, I'm Tommy!

Ed Warren: Put Fred on. . . . Fred, are you there?

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