Enfeild Poltergiest Recordings and Transcript

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Voice: Yeah, Fred's here. (Voice change indicates "Fred" is speaking.)

Ed Warren: Fred, put Zachary back on.

Voice: Won't come. (Pause) I'll tell you someone else who's here. Teddy's here. Teddy-Man's here.

Ed Warren: Put Teddy-Man on, Fred.

Voice: Yeccccch . . . (Noise. Then silence, broken every few seconds by a parrot-like voice saying, "Hello." A second voice then picks up and says "hello," to which the parrot-voice responds with two hello's. A third voice joins in the hello's, then a fourth voice chimes in with its "hello"; then a fifth and a sixth voice join in, forming a chorus of parrot-like voices all saying "hello," which build finally into loud, wild shrieks. The additional voices then fall away, leaving the original parrot-voice repeating its singular "hello."


(Ed addresses the spirits again after the outburst, but there is no feedback.)

"All the while I was talking to these spirits," Ed notes during the lull in the tape, "things were flying around the room. That's what those crashing and bumping sounds are in the background. Chairs and tables were lifting and dropping. Small, little objects would whiz across the room and bounce off the wall. In the dining room, the wallpaper was peeling away from the walls as we watched. A butcher knife materialized in the lap of my assistant, Paul. A nail was also produced out of thin air. And, as has come to be expected in the house, the spirits left a pile of excrement on the mother's bedroom carpet upstairs at three in the afternoon."

When the spirits on the recording weren't going through a fit of random insanity, they seemed to amuse themselves by filling the room with grunts, quacks, barks, shrieks, and a variety of other animal sounds—the most annoying being that of a shrill, screeching cat. One particular spirit put out a tortuous, unworldly howl which brought on another interchange.

Ed Warren: You guys sound like something right out of hell. Do you know where hell is, Fred?

Voice: Yeah.

Ed Warren: Where is hell, Fred?

Voice: Yeccch . . . (noise)

Ed Warren: How old are you, Fred?

Voice: Sixteen.

Ed Warren: Are you a ghost, Fred?

Voice: No . . . uh . . . yes. I'm a ghost.

Ed Warren: Who?

Voice: Batman. I'm Batman.

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