Enfeild Poltergiest Recordings and Transcript

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Ed Warren: Batman isn't a ghost.

Voice: (Spirits lapse into an array of animal sounds, the most predominant being that of a barking dog.)

Ed Warren: You want to be animals? Imitate some animals. Imitate a pig.

Voice: (The snorting of a pig.)

Ed Warren: How about a dog?

Voice: (Barking.)

Ed Warren: How about a cat?

Voice: (Loud, screeching me-ow.)

Ed Warren: How about a turkey?

Voice: (Gobbling.)

Ed Warren: How old are you, Fred?

Voice: Seventy-eight. I'm a liar. Tommy's a liar.

Ed Warren: I know.

Voice: Can I sing a song?

Ed Warren: Sure, Fred, go ahead and sing.

Voice: La-de-da-de-da . . . (gruffly) Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of holy water . . . ha . . . ha . . . ha . . .

Ed Warren: Are you a Christian, Fred?

Voice: Yick. A soldier. I'm a soldier!

Ed Warren: When did you die, Fred, as a soldier?

Voice: I'm always dead.

Ed Warren: Were you ever married, Fred? Did you ever have a wife?

Voice: Yeah.

Ed Warren: What was her name?

Voice: I don't know.

Ed Warren: How old are you now?

Voice: Thirty. I'm thirty.

Ed Warren: Do you know what day it is?

Voice: Yeah. The uh . . . seventh.

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