Enfeild Poltergiest Recordings and Transcript

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Ed Warren: You slung it? If you don't bring that holy water back, we're going to perform exorcism on you!

Voice: Ha, ha, ha.

Ed Warren: Do you want me to bring a priest in here?

Voice: Yeah, all right. Bring 'im in. I'll kick 'im in the backside.

Ed Warren: What would you say if the Blessed Mother told you to leave, Fred?

Voice: Yecccch. Ugh.

Ed Warren: Do you know what this is Fred? What do you see?

Voice: Uh . . . a cross.

Ed Warren: That's right, a cross. That cross means your days are numbered here.

Voice: I'm gonna chop somebody's head off.

Ed Warren: The next time I come back here, Fred, you'd better be gone. Because the next time I come I'm bringing a very powerful exorcist with me, someone you won't want to mess with.

Voice: (There is a long lull.) Ed. Ed. Ed . . . Ed . . . Ed-ward.

Ed Warren: What is it, Fred?

Voice: Let's play exorcist. Go get the holy water. . . .


2005 Addendum to Tape #764 – here is a corrected transcription of a portion of the preceding based on a clearer source.

V:   I want you to tell me whether you remember what happened to you when you died?  Just before you died and just after you died.

Ed: Thursday before I died, I'd — I went blind. Then I had a hemorrhage and I fell asleep.  And I died in a chair in the corner downstairs. 

V:   Did any friends go with you?

Ed:   Yes, all of them.  All my dogs.  68 dogs.

V:   And what do you got 68 dogs for?

Ed:   So that hey they can protect me from you killing me . . .

V:   How can we kill you, Bill?

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