Enfeild Poltergiest Recordings and Transcript

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The Enfield Poltergeist is one of the most bizarre and well documents cases of paranormal activity that went on for almost a year.

NEW scientific research which uses evidence from the world famous Enfield Poltergeist case has come a step closer to proving conclusively the existence of paranormal activity.

Research published in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research has concluded that noises recorded during poltergeist activity at a house in Green Street in the late 1970s were unlikely to have been caused by normal human activity.

The recordings, made between 1977 and 1978, captured a variety of unexplained occurrences that plagued a mother and her children - including banging on walls and moving furniture.


During the year of disturbances, incidents of levitation and appearances of apparitions were also reported.

The events were witnessed by the family, along with local police officers, neighbors and journalists, receiving global media attention.

The recordings have for the first time been analysed in detail and the sounds of knocking on walls and furniture compared to the same sounds recreated under scientific conditions. The results showed the unexplained noises in Enfield did not produce normal sound wave patterns.

Guy Lyon Playfair - who spent two years investigating the case at the time, and went on to chronicle the events in a book, welcomed the research. He said: “This is absolutely the biggest step forward in the last 30 years, and it's easily reproducible as all scientific evidence should be.”

 Morris Grosse

The author and investigator added: "In doing this research, scientific order has been brought into a very crazy area - poltergeist activity. I don't think it's been done before."

The research has been conducted by Dr Barrie Colvin who concludes that the noises recorded as unexplained incidents of “paranormal activity” can be clearly differentiated because of their abnormal acoustic properties – which are evident when they are analysed.

Dr Colvin said: “There are indications that the acoustic properties of the two classes of sounds are different and that this technique can be used to differentiate between normal and paranormal rapping sounds."

Asked whether he believed such activity could ever return to the Enfield house, Mr Playfair said: “It would be extremely unlikely. When the family went away on holiday I stayed in the house on my own, very much hoping something would happen - but not a squeak. I tried knocking and shouting at the thing, but nothing.”

The last activity at the house was reported in September 1978. But in the 32 years that have followed interest in the case has continued to be intense – especially as extensive audio recordings exist of the activity, including recorded speech. The case has been the subject of numerous television documentaries.

Mr Playfair added: “It’s been accepted as one of the classic cases, there were so many people involved and I think it was the first or second case when the investigators were there right at the start and stayed right until the end.”

The Enfeild Poltergeist Documentary

Transcript of a small portion of the 180 hrs of recording with an unknown entity who addressed, and spoke with a number of people in this case from the 1970's.

Ed Warren: Hello?

Voice: Hello.

Ed Warren: Do you know who I am?

Voice: Yeah.

Ed Warren: Who am I?

Voice: Ed.

Ed Warren: That's right, Ed. Who are you?

Voice: Fred-die.

Ed Warren: You're Freddie, huh? What's your real name?

Voice: Yeccccch . . . (noise)

Ed Warren: When are you going to leave here, Fred?

Voice: Five hundred years.

Ed Warren: That's a long time. Can you move something to show us you're here?

Voice: No.

Ed Warren: Why not?

Voice: Tommy pulled my arm out.

Ed Warren: Oh, there's two of you? Put Tommy on.

Voice: (A new voice, though still gruff and gutteral) Yeah. I'm Tom-my.

Ed Warren: Tommy, how do you think we could get rid of all the problems that are happening in this house?

Voice: Kill the ghosties!

Ed Warren: Kill the ghosties? Aren't you a ghostie?

Voice: No!

Ed Warren: Tell me, how did you get into this house?

Voice: Came up from under the floorboards.

Ed Warren: How many of you are there all together?

Voice: (Counting slowly and deliberately) Ah . . . uh . . . one . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five . . . six. Six are here — no, five.

Ed Warren: What are their names?


Voice: Fred-die, Tom-my, Billy, uh . . . Charlie, and Dick. John's not here.

Ed Warren: Where's John?

Voice: Don't know.

Ed Warren: Who's the leader? Are you the leader?

Voice: Nobody. Nobody's the leader. I'm a liar.

Ed Warren: Who else is there? Is there anyone else there?

Voice: Yeah.

Ed Warren: Who?

Voice: Gutter-Man's here.

Ed Warren: Put Gutter-Man on. Let him speak. Are you there, Gutter-Man?

Voice: Yeah (a different voice, this one a bit clearer).

Ed Warren: Gutter-Man, what do you have to say?

Voice: (Yelping noises) This house is haunted. Kill the ghosties!

Ed Warren: Gutter-Man, were you ever alive?

Voice: Yeah.

Ed Warren: Where?

Voice: In soldiers. I'm a soldier.

Ed Warren: In whose army are you a soldier?

Voice: All armies. I'm a soldier.

Ed Warren: Who else is here, Gutter-Man?

Voice: Ah . . . uh . . . Zachary's here.

Ed Warren: Put him on, Gutter-Man. Let Zachary speak.

Voice: (Suddenly there is incredible moaning and groaning. The voice is utterly bizarre. The wailing ends up in a long cry of "Help" that takes ten seconds to come out.)

Ed Warren: Holy cow. What was that? Put Zachary back on.

Voice: (Woeful moaning recurs.)

Ed Warren: Who else is here, Fred?

Voice: I ain't Fred, I'm Tommy!

Ed Warren: Put Fred on. . . . Fred, are you there?


Voice: Yeah, Fred's here. (Voice change indicates "Fred" is speaking.)

Ed Warren: Fred, put Zachary back on.

Voice: Won't come. (Pause) I'll tell you someone else who's here. Teddy's here. Teddy-Man's here.

Ed Warren: Put Teddy-Man on, Fred.

Voice: Yeccccch . . . (Noise. Then silence, broken every few seconds by a parrot-like voice saying, "Hello." A second voice then picks up and says "hello," to which the parrot-voice responds with two hello's. A third voice joins in the hello's, then a fourth voice chimes in with its "hello"; then a fifth and a sixth voice join in, forming a chorus of parrot-like voices all saying "hello," which build finally into loud, wild shrieks. The additional voices then fall away, leaving the original parrot-voice repeating its singular "hello."


(Ed addresses the spirits again after the outburst, but there is no feedback.)

"All the while I was talking to these spirits," Ed notes during the lull in the tape, "things were flying around the room. That's what those crashing and bumping sounds are in the background. Chairs and tables were lifting and dropping. Small, little objects would whiz across the room and bounce off the wall. In the dining room, the wallpaper was peeling away from the walls as we watched. A butcher knife materialized in the lap of my assistant, Paul. A nail was also produced out of thin air. And, as has come to be expected in the house, the spirits left a pile of excrement on the mother's bedroom carpet upstairs at three in the afternoon."

When the spirits on the recording weren't going through a fit of random insanity, they seemed to amuse themselves by filling the room with grunts, quacks, barks, shrieks, and a variety of other animal sounds—the most annoying being that of a shrill, screeching cat. One particular spirit put out a tortuous, unworldly howl which brought on another interchange.

Ed Warren: You guys sound like something right out of hell. Do you know where hell is, Fred?

Voice: Yeah.

Ed Warren: Where is hell, Fred?

Voice: Yeccch . . . (noise)

Ed Warren: How old are you, Fred?

Voice: Sixteen.

Ed Warren: Are you a ghost, Fred?

Voice: No . . . uh . . . yes. I'm a ghost.

Ed Warren: Who?

Voice: Batman. I'm Batman.


Ed Warren: Batman isn't a ghost.

Voice: (Spirits lapse into an array of animal sounds, the most predominant being that of a barking dog.)

Ed Warren: You want to be animals? Imitate some animals. Imitate a pig.

Voice: (The snorting of a pig.)

Ed Warren: How about a dog?

Voice: (Barking.)

Ed Warren: How about a cat?

Voice: (Loud, screeching me-ow.)

Ed Warren: How about a turkey?

Voice: (Gobbling.)

Ed Warren: How old are you, Fred?

Voice: Seventy-eight. I'm a liar. Tommy's a liar.

Ed Warren: I know.

Voice: Can I sing a song?

Ed Warren: Sure, Fred, go ahead and sing.

Voice: La-de-da-de-da . . . (gruffly) Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of holy water . . . ha . . . ha . . . ha . . .

Ed Warren: Are you a Christian, Fred?

Voice: Yick. A soldier. I'm a soldier!

Ed Warren: When did you die, Fred, as a soldier?

Voice: I'm always dead.

Ed Warren: Were you ever married, Fred? Did you ever have a wife?

Voice: Yeah.

Ed Warren: What was her name?

Voice: I don't know.

Ed Warren: How old are you now?

Voice: Thirty. I'm thirty.

Ed Warren: Do you know what day it is?

Voice: Yeah. The uh . . . seventh.


Ed Warren: Right. Do you know what month it is?

Voice: Au-goos. Awwguss. August. August seventh!

Ed Warren: Where did you get those names: Fred and Tommy and Billy and so on?

Voice: The graves.

Ed Warren: Do you go over to the old graveyard near here?

Voice: Yeah.

Ed Warren: Why?

Voice: To read the graves.

Ed Warren: Do you like the graveyard, Fred? Why do you like the graveyard?

Voice: Death! (grunts).

Ed Warren: What do you think of us Americans?

Voice: I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. . . .

Ed Warren: Do you know where America is, Fred?

Voice: I don't know. Can I come?

Ed Warren: No, Fred. I've got enough to do without you.

Voice: Ed. Ed . . . Ed . . .

Ed Warren: What do you want, Fred?

Voice: Smash the recorder.

Ed Warren: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Voice: Yeah. (Spirits pull original tape out of recorder during session.)

Ed Warren: (Resuming) Do you know what I'm going to do with these tapes, Fred? I'm going to play them to some scientists I know in America. They're going to be very interested in you, Fred!

Voice: I'm gonna smash it in the night! (A quarrel then develops between two spirits as to who is going to "smash" the tape recorder. As the voices rise from the level of argument into one-against-one "yikes" and "howls," Ed sends Paul out to the car to get a bottle of holy water drawn from Walsingham Shrine, north of London. Paul returns to report the bottle of holy water is missing.)

Ed Warren: Where's the holy water, Fred?

Voice: I slung it!



Ed Warren: You slung it? If you don't bring that holy water back, we're going to perform exorcism on you!

Voice: Ha, ha, ha.

Ed Warren: Do you want me to bring a priest in here?

Voice: Yeah, all right. Bring 'im in. I'll kick 'im in the backside.

Ed Warren: What would you say if the Blessed Mother told you to leave, Fred?

Voice: Yecccch. Ugh.

Ed Warren: Do you know what this is Fred? What do you see?

Voice: Uh . . . a cross.

Ed Warren: That's right, a cross. That cross means your days are numbered here.

Voice: I'm gonna chop somebody's head off.

Ed Warren: The next time I come back here, Fred, you'd better be gone. Because the next time I come I'm bringing a very powerful exorcist with me, someone you won't want to mess with.

Voice: (There is a long lull.) Ed. Ed. Ed . . . Ed . . . Ed-ward.

Ed Warren: What is it, Fred?

Voice: Let's play exorcist. Go get the holy water. . . .


2005 Addendum to Tape #764 – here is a corrected transcription of a portion of the preceding based on a clearer source.

V:   I want you to tell me whether you remember what happened to you when you died?  Just before you died and just after you died.

Ed: Thursday before I died, I'd — I went blind. Then I had a hemorrhage and I fell asleep.  And I died in a chair in the corner downstairs. 

V:   Did any friends go with you?

Ed:   Yes, all of them.  All my dogs.  68 dogs.

V:   And what do you got 68 dogs for?

Ed:   So that hey they can protect me from you killing me . . .

V:   How can we kill you, Bill?


Ed:   You could shoot me or –

V:   Now how do we — how can we shoot you if we can't see you, Bill?

Ed:   By praying to God.

V:   Sorry, I didn't hear that, Bill.

Ed:   By praying to God.

V:   By praying to God?  So what you're saying is we could get rid of you by praying to God?

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