"While the doll was moving around, and we’d become suspicious of burglars, when something else screwy happened." Angie added next. "The Annabelle doll was sitting on Donna’s bed, as was usual. When we came home one night, there was blood on the back of its hand, and there were three drops of blood on its chest!" "God, that really scared us," Donna said frankly. "Did you notice any other kind of phenomena occur in the apartment?" Ed asked them. "One time around Christmas, we found a little chocolate boot on the stereo that none of us had bought.

Presumably it came from Annabelle," said Angie. " When did you come to determine there was a spirit associated with the doll?" Lorraine questioned. "We knew something unusual was going on," Donna answered. "The doll did change rooms by itself. It did pose in different gestures, we all saw it, but wanted to know why? Was there maybe some plausible reason why the doll was moving? So Angie and I got in touch with a woman who’s a medium. That was about a month, or maybe six weeks after all this stuff started to happen. We learned that a little girl died on this property," Donna told the Warrens. "

She was seven years old and her name was Annabelle Higgins. The Annabelle spirit said she played in the fields long ago before these apartments were built. They were happy times for her. She told us. Because everyone around here was grown-up, and only concerned with their jobs, there was no one she could relate to, except us. Annabelle felt that we would be able to understand her. That’s why she began moving the rag doll.

All Annabelle wanted was to be loved, and so she asked if she could stay with us and move into the doll. What could we do? So we said yes." "Wait a minute here," Ed interjected. "What do you mean it wanted to move into the doll? Do you mean it proposed to possess it?" "Right, that was the understanding," Donna replied. "It seemed harmless enough. We’re nurses, you know, we see suffering every day. We had compassion.

Anyway, we called the doll Annabelle from that time on." "Did you do anything different with the doll after you learned it was supposedly possessed by a little girl spirit named Annabelle?" asked Lorraine. "Not really," said Donna. "But of course it wasn’t just a doll any more. It was Annabelle. We couldn’t ignore that fact."

"All right, before you go any further, let’s back up a minute," Ed requested. "First you got the doll for you birthday. After a while the doll began to move – or at least change places enough for you to notice it. This made you curious, so you decided to have a séance, and a spirit came across that called itself Annabelle Higgins.

This supposed little girl was seven years old and asked if it could come live with you by possessing the toy doll. You said yes, out of compassion. Then you renamed the doll Annabelle. Right?" "Right," said Donna and Angie. Have you seen the ghost of a little girl at any time in this apartment?"

Ed asked. "No," both the girls answered. "You also said a chocolate item showed up here once," said Ed. "Has anything else strange ever happened that you couldn’t explain?" "One time a statue lifted up across the room," Donna recalled, "then it tumbled in the air and fell on the floor. None of us were near the statue-it was on the other side of the room. That incident frightened us totally." "Let me ask you something else." Ed went on. "Didn’t you think that maybe you shouldn’t have given the doll so much recognition?" It wasn’t a doll!"

Donna corrected him. "It was the spirit of Annabelle we cared about!" "That’s right," said Angie. Ed added "I mean, before you knew anything about Annabelle?" "How were we to know anything?" Donna asked. "But looking back on it now, maybe we shouldn’t have given the doll so much credence. But really, we saw the thing as being no more than a harmless mascot. I t never hurt anything…at least until the other day."

"Do you still think what’s moving the doll is the spirit of a little girl?" Lorraine queried. "What else could it be?" Angie said in reply. "It’s a damn voodoo doll, that’s what it is," Lou blurted out. "I told them about that thing a long time ago. The doll was just taking advantage of them…"

"Okay, Lou, I think it’s time you told your side of things, tell them about the dreams," coaxed Angie. "Well," Lou picked up, "The thing gives me bad dreams. Recurrent ones. But yet what I’m going to tell you is not a dream as far as I’m concerned, because I somehow saw this happen to me. The last time it happened I fell asleep at home, a really deep sleep.

While I was lying there, I saw myself wake up. Something seemed wrong to me. I looked around the room, but nothing was out of place. But then when I looked down toward my feet, I saw the rag doll, Annabelle. It was slowly gliding up my body. It moved over my chest and stopped. Than it put its arms out. One arm touched one side of my neck, the other touched the other side like it was making an electrical connection.

Then I saw myself being strangled. I might as well have been pushing on a wall, because it wouldn’t move. It was literally strangling me to death, I couldn’t help myself, no matter how hard I tried." "Yes, but the priest I spoke with said you’d been attacked?" Ed pressed him. "No," Lou asserted, "That happened here in this apartment when Angie and I were alone together. It was about ten or eleven o’clock at night, and we were reading over maps because I was going off on a trip the next day.

Everything was quiet at the time. Suddenly, we both heard sounds in Donna’s room that made us think that someone had broken into the apartment. I quietly got up and tip-toed to the bedroom door, which was closed. I waited until the noises stopped, then I carefully opened the door and reached in and switched on the light. Nobody was in there!