Later, when she was listening to the playback of the telephone answering machine, they were back to back calls from Father Hagen. Between his two calls was heard the incredible growling noises she’d heard earlier in the house. One day Father Jason Branford, Catholic exorcist, had been working with Ed and asked about the new addition to the office-Annabelle.

Ed told Father Jason about the case and gave him the paperwork for his review. After hearing Ed’s account of want had happened, the priest picked up the rag doll and said "You’re just a rag doll, Annabelle. You can’t hurt anything." The priest then tossed the stuffed figure back on the chair. "That’s one thing you better not say again," Ed warned him with a laugh.

Yet when Father Jason stopped to say goodbye to Lorraine an hour later, she pleaded that he be especially careful driving, and insisted that he call her just as soon as he arrived at the rectory. "I discerned tragedy for that young priest," says Lorraine, "but he had to go his way." A few hours later the telephone rang. "Lorraine" said Father Jason, "why did you tell me to be careful driving?" "Because," she told him, "

I felt your car would go out of control, you would have an accident." "Well, you were right," he stated flatly. "The brake system failed. I was almost killed in a traffic accident. My car is a wreck."

Later in the year, at a large social gathering at the Warrens’ home, Lorraine and Father Jason went into the den to chat for a few moments. By a strange coincidence, Annabelle had moved into that room the day before.

While speaking with Lorraine, the priest saw an ornamental wall decoration make a quick movement. Suddenly, the twenty-four inch long Boar’s tooth necklace above them exploded with percussive force. Hearing this stunning noise, the other guests immediately converged on the room, at which time someone in the crowd had the foresight to snap a photograph. When developed, the print appeared normal, except above the doll were two beacons of bright light, both pointing in the direction of Father Jason Bradford.

"On another occasion," Ed recounts, "I was in my office, working with a police detective on a case that concerned a witchcraft related murder in the area. As a cop he’s seen every kind of crime, he’s definitely not the sort of man who gets scared. While we were talking, Lorraine called me upstairs to take a long distance call.

I told the detective he was free to look around my office, but to be careful and not touch any of the objects, because they’d come from cases where the demonic had been invoked. Well, I wasn’t away for five minutes when upstairs came this detective stark white. When I asked him what had happened, he refused to tell me," Ed remembers, breaking into a grin. "He just kept mumbling ‘The doll, the rag doll is real….’

He was talking about Annabelle of course. That little doll made a believer out of him! In fact, as I think back on it, any meetings I’ve had with the detective from that day on have always been in his office." "Profane objects like the Annabelle doll have their own aura. When you touch them, your human aura mingles with theirs. This change attracts spirits, it’s almost like setting off a fire alarm.

Therefore, for protection, I bless myself with holy water then ‘bless’ the rag doll with holy water in the sign of the cross. Like I say when we’re doing field work I’ve never met an atheist in a haunted house."

It’s difficult for people to accept the existence of something they’ve been conditioned not to believe in. Still, lack of knowledge allowed this negative spirit to wrangle it way into the lives of these three unwary young people. Many, nevertheless, contend that the notion of spirits is irrational or unfounded. They say the phenomenon is an illusion, or a hallucination, or it doesn’t exist at all. At best, the activity can be explained away by science. Or can it?


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