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First Ouija Board Experience With Jack

Okay, so basically ever since I can remember I have always had an interest in the paranormal, spirits, etc etc. I am currently 16 and last night, along with a friend (who is currently 15), we shared our first Ouija Board experience. I had been reading these stories about it all day and searching the "Do's and Don'ts" of Ouija boards and stocked up on my knowledge and just became more fascinated by it, and finally wanted to try it for myself.

At about 9pm my friend and I created our own Ouija Board in my house using cardboard and used a shot glass as the planchette. We did some more last minute research and then went ahead and did it. We did it in the park along the road from us because we had read that it may not have been wise to do it in either of our houses.

Expecting to get no results, after having asking any spirit guides etc to protect us, we asked if there was anyone there. Almost immediately the planchette moved slowly up to yes. We were both astounded and wondered if either of the two of us had moved it, but we didn't. We then found out that it was a male, who was 8 years old called Jack. We then asked if he was a good spirit or not and the planchette moved over to yes. (Although we also assumed it could have been lying, as a lot do) But this put us at ease a little bit.

We then went on to ask how he was and if he was happy. He moved up to "no" quite abruptly, so we asked why. He then spelled out, "F-I-R-Z-Z". We thought he meant fire, so we asked if that was what he meant, but he then spelt out "Z-A-H-M." We had absolutely no idea as to what this meant, and we were started to get a bit creeped out in general, but before we got to saying goodbye the planchette started moving down the numbers (which we know was dangerous) so, we said goodbye immediately and asked Jack if he could then move to goodbye too, but the planchette shot straight up to no. We repeated ourselves and it again went to no. So we then forcefully said goodbye, slammed the glass down on goodbye to break it and then ripped the cardboard up and disposed of it.

I realize this isn't the scariest story ever, but it's creeping us both out and I'm not sure if we did anything wrong/right or if we should be worried about anything. And what the letters "F-I-R-Z-Z" and "Z-A-H-M" could mean.


Floating Ouija Board Planchette In College


I'd always played around with the Ouija board at family events as a kid but eventually grew out of it. In my sophomore year of college I was with about 4 friends and with nothing to do on a Friday night one of them had suggested playing with the Ouija board.

It was all fun and games for the first half hour or so with the usual stupid questions and accusations of who might be moving the piece. Suddenly it began spelling out words we didn't understand. We were taken aback until it spelled out the only English word we all understood... death.

One of my fellow students yells out "Bullshit" while all hands are still on the piece. In an instant the piece rose off of the board about 1/4 inch and floated there for what must have been 3-4 seconds but felt like an eternity, then dropped. At the same time we all heard and saw a large crack appear in the dorm window. That was enough! Everyone ran out.

For days we talked about it among ourselves and shared the story with others. Some of who went by to see the window as it hadn't broken just cracked. This was in 1979 and I haven't touch or played ever since.


A Ouija Spirit Moved Our Couch

My friend Alison and I decided to make our own Ouija board because people at school were asking us to do it. We made one and lit the candle and used a 50c coin we placed it down and set it up but decided to watch videos of what happens with a Ouija. We then freaked out and then chose not to do it but we left the Ouija board open with the candle. We realized the candle was still lit and blew it out but since we didn't talk to the spirits we just closed the board and ripped it up without saying goodbye.

20 minutes later my friend and I were lying on two couches joined together. We started hearing noises and didn't do anything about it. The couches then started to separate and started moving and none of us were moving the couch. The couch that was moving my friend was on and it was taking her away. She started freaking out and jumped on to my couch.

We moved the couch back to see if the couch wouldn't move. But it moved backwards. We started freaking out and woke up Alison's brother to sleep with us in the two joined couches. We tied the bottoms of the couch up and the "spirit" didn't bother us when her brother slept with us. At least we think its a spirit.

Throughout the night we heard scratches and bangs. In the morning we woke up and there was melted plastic laying on the kitchen bench.

Gracie Taggart

Ouija Board And World War III

When I was in high school in the late '60's, my boyfriend and I 'played' with my Ouija board on weekend nights, lighting candles in the dark and asking harmless questions such as "Will we get married?" or "Will we go to the same college?" The planchette used to fly around the board under our fingers; we didn't even have to keep our fingers on it but only just above it, so we could see that we weren't pushing it.

One night as we were ending our session, I decided to ask a serious question: "Who will start World War III?" This was during the Cold War years, and later my boyfriend admitted that he had been thinking of the answer "USSR" while I was thinking "USA." We were shocked to see the planchette go straight to C-H-I-N-A when neither of us had even been thinking of China. We stopped playing with the Ouija then and there.

That was over 40 years ago, but in this day and age the Ouija's answer is as disturbing than ever.


Worried G From Ouija Board Wants To Hurt Us

My friends and I went to that new movie called “Ouija” on a Friday night. The next day, my friend found a Ouija board and bought it so that we could try it out that night. None of them had ever tried it before, but I had once (nothing happened when I tried it).

There were 4 of us and we all gathered in my friend’s basement around 8pm. We were all so excited, but none of us really believed in that sort of thing. We instantly started getting messages from a spirit. He told us that his name was Zack and that he was 3 years old. He said that he had died in a fire and that he was our friend. He said that he was buried in the cemetery behind my friend’s house. Then, we started getting messages from many different spirits. There were at least 6 others that we had talked to that night. Once Zack came back to speak with us, he told us to leave. He said that there was someone bad that he was scared of there and that we needed to be scared, too.

The next morning, we played again and got a message from a 57-year old named “G”. He said that he had died in a car accident and that he was not our friend. We then asked him why he didn’t like us. He spelled out the word “DRINK”. We were all scared because we had had a few drinks the night before. We asked if there was anything that he wanted us to know and he said yes so then we asked what his message was or what he wanted. He replied with “KILL YOU”. We asked if he wanted to kill us and he said yes. We were all so creeped out that we instantly said goodbye and closed the board.

My friend said the next day that he had felt like someone was watching him sleep, had heard footsteps walking around upstairs, and had heard doors closing in the basement (where we played) when he was home alone. We are all still worried that that man wants to hurt us, and plan to attempt to talk to him again this weekend for more information.


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