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To be clear: there is no "proper" way to use an ouija board.  The process of inviting harmful paranormal entities into your home is simply not advisable. Nothing good is going to come through use of an ouija board. By using a Ouija board you are consciously inviting spirits to communicate with you.  In actuality, a user does not have any control over who responds when they evoke spirits.  What you will end up getting is a demonic spirit. Once a demonic entity is allowed into your home, it is very difficult - and dangerous – to expel.  Conversely, a demon spirit cannot be physically expelled, they must be exorcised.  If you have a Ouija board, please throw it out.  Do not donate to a charity in a box of unwanted items – just destroy it.

There is also reports of users having to be institutionalized either through information gathered from their subconscious, or through harassment from an evil entity or spirit.  Some have become obsessed and let the board control their lives and their decisions, becoming insane in the process.

The occult, and the intentions that occult tools provide for are extremely dangerous. Something discernible may or may not happen in each use, but you are putting yourself at great risk each time it is used.


Below you will find a small sampling of the hundreds of thousands of ouija board stories found on the internet.

 Ouija Board Stories

My Friend Wants me to Play the Ouija Board

My friends want me to play with the Ouija board but I don't like the idea of trying to talk to demons or a spirit.

I told my mom about what they wanted to do on Halloween and she said No, my grandma (her mom) played with it when she was little and had a bad experience. I wanted to know what happened so I called my grandma the next night and she said her grandmother had a Ouija board and her and her little brothers and sisters decided to play with it.

They contacted a spirit or demon and my grandma wanted to scare them so she said "If the Ouija board is real I want the devil to possess me." At first she was just joking and playing around to scare them. She started shaking and then she couldn't stop.

Something was making her shake and she started to cry and so did her sibling. She kept telling her self she was sorry she wanted to make it stop and she would never saying anything that stupid again and finally it stopped.

She went and talk to her grandmother about what happened and her grandmother wasn't very happy. She told her she knew something like that was going to happen so she took away and hid the Ouija board and told her to never play with one again.

My grandma says prayers every night before she goes to bed she is still mad at herself till that day she has never played with a Ouija board again.

I don't know if you found that very scary but it freaked me out never will I play with one.



Ouija G Was Actually Zozo

So my friend had been talking to someone on the board called "g". I didn't believe it was real so I tried it on a paper board and it kept spelling "rape you kill you".

We thought it was funny so we continued to do the board and once I was doing it by myself and it spelled "fire" and I went in the kitchen and a pan was on fire.

I stopped talking to it after that but my friend continued to talk to it on her board and it adventually said that "g" was fake and it was zozo.

We now both feel things touch us and the other day my chair moved across the room, and random wet spots keep appearing on both of our beds. This has been going on for about a month and I dont know what to do to get rid of it.
Lying "Good Spirit" or Communicating with a "Bad Spirit"?
We just don't know what to think, to sum it up.Ouija, Just a Game?

So, this was all the way back in August. Me and my sister invited a friend over to our house, and one day we got overly curious about the paranormal, so overly curious that we went to 2 stores trying to find one, but didn't, which resulted in us actually making our own!

Haha, but anyways. We started playing with the thing, and none of us took it seriously at first. But then, it started getting real, and truly interesting. We were asking it questions about our future, and we were getting answers we liked, along with ones we disliked.

We kept talking to the same spirit, and we always said a good prayer before and after the session. I believe that the spirit is a good one, because it's been months since then and nothing paranormal or harmful has happened to any of us. However, some things it told us have come true, and some things were true, like facts we didn't know.

Now with the stuff we were told, we're all tearing ourselves down about it, like doubting it.
I just wanna know what you think, if a good spirit was lying, or we were actually communicating with a bad spirit, and it got our hopes up.

Thank you so much for all your answers. It'll be really helpful because we all still don't know what to believe, and it'll be nice not to hear "Its not even real!" for once.



Skeptical About Consequences of Ouija Boards but the Temptation is Always There

Hey, so my name's Amy and I'm 16. This year I've been increasing my interest into the paranormal and thus thought about using a Ouija board to contact my Step-Father's spirit that now stalks my hallway (I know something's there, he walks down the hall toward the kitchen and quickly into the dining room...we think it's because we have a house plant in there in one of his old plant pots, and that's the only thing of his we have) his shadows and figure has been seen by everyone living in the house, (me, my mother, my step-father and his son, his son [19] has had a conversation with the spirit when he was about 8, before he abruptly left, leaving him confused) ANYWAY..

I wanted to see if I could talk to him, apparently he was a very nice guy and had really funny jokes, and seeing as I've heard everything about him when he was alive, I just wanted to know his side of the story; so I started to make a Ouija board.

Once I was done, I went to my mother and step-father to see if they would help me out.. my step-father went pale and then went ahead to take the handmade Ouija board out of my hand and scare me with his story...

When he was younger, (he didn't specify what age) he was with a few members of his friendship group and his sister, they decided to use the Ouija board because they thought it would be just a 'game'... the first spirit they encountered did not answer any of their questions, instead proceeded to spell out the words: 'B-O-I-L W-A-T-E-R' repeatedly until they warmed up a saucepan of water on the hob, they then went back to the board and it said 'P-O-U-R O-N Y-O-U-N-G-E-S-T-S H-E-A-D' repeatedly, even when it was asked questions... obviously they stopped boiling the water, put the board away and then just decided to watch television.

My step-father then said that they heard the tap running in the kitchen at full blast, then the one in each of the bathroom sinks, the bath, the shower, water was everywhere. In the rush to turn everything all off they all left the living room, and when they all returned the curtains and rug had seemed to spontaneously catch fire and proceed to spread around the house.
No one was hurt, everyone got out and despite that happening, his friends didn't move out of the house until last year.

Since I heard this, I've been really skeptical about the consequences of using ouija boards, but the temptation to use one is always there. I know, I know they're not games and I know you can't mess around just in case you disrupt the demons or bad spirits and such...but I'd love to talk to spirits one day.

Anonymous I have always been skeptical of the Ouija board as it just always seems like someone is moving it when I would touch it which I guess is the reason there are so many skeptics. So I decided to make a simple change which would prove to me that its either fake or real as we had many "spirits" come through that night so I had 2 of my friends put on blind folds so they could not see anything that was happening. My thought here was that if suddenly no spirits came through anymore, it was obviously one of my friends. Well that didn't happen.

I put their blind folds on and I assure you neither could see anything through them. I asked the obvious first question "is there a spirit here that wishes to communicate". It sat there for probably a minute with no movement, then it slowly slid to "No". A shiver went up my spine and I got goosebumps even though I still thought maybe they still moved it and got lucky. So I asked "why don't you want to communicate", assuming one of my friends got lucky and was able to hit the word "No" and was pushing them to have to answer something that would make them try and spell something. But then it spelled out "W-A-I-T-I-N-G", hitting almost every letter precisely which told me instantly there was no way they were the ones moving it.

I then asked "what are you waiting for?", it slid up to "No" and stayed there for a moment, then spelled out "W-H-O". So I asked what seemed like the logical question to ask which was "who are you waiting for?", it slid up to "No", then slid along the numbers which were as follows "2-0-1-9-2-3-1". The responses were to precise for them to be doing it but they also made no sense to the questions I am asking.

So I was getting confused but also for the first time felt like there was actually a real connection to something instead of "knowing" one of my friends were moving it. So I asked "who are you, what is your name", and it spelled out "S-T-O-P". Getting the feeling what I was communicating with something that definitely didn't want to talk, but I also wanted to get some information that made sense to me. So I said "please talk to us", it slid up to "No", and whether it was just a coincidence or not, about 2 seconds after it slid up to no, the light bulb in the lamp we were using blew and it went dark. I grabbed a flashlight and got a new bulb for the lamp and got it replaced and by that time my friends had taken off their blindfolds and were sitting at the table and I looked down and the planchette was sitting on goodbye. My friends swear they took their hands off of it was soon as the bulb blew and never touched it. I don't know if that's true, if they wanted to mess with me or if it got there some other way, but I think I am done with Ouija boards going forward.



Prince of Hell

It was November. I was at my grandmother's house. Back then, I LOVED the Paranormal. I was obsessed with it. I first heard about Ouija boards from the new movie Ouija. It peaked my interest. So I made a homemade Ouija board. Here's how my session went:

Me: Is there anyone here with me?

Board: YES

Me: What is your name?


Me: Are you good?

Board: YES

Me: WIll you hurt me?

Board: YES

Me: Goodbye

I closed the session and looked up who this BELPHEGOR is. It turns out Belphegor was a demon and a price of hell. Well there's my story.


Deumus on the Ouija

So it was a couple years ago, and my cousin wanted to play an Ouija board. At the time I didn't know what they were, but I played with him, he showed me what to do and we read the instructions.
We took out the board and began to play in an abandoned house in CA. He asked if there was any sprits who wanted to speak and nothing.. We sat there for about 5-10 min. And the planchette started to move, neither one of us were moving it. And we said hello.. They responded H-E-L-L-O back.. We asked its name and it said D-E-U-M-U-S. We asked if it was a good or bad spirit and it moves to the moon, we asked if it was a male or female and it said female, it then spelled out M-A-D we asked why and she said B-E-L-I-E-V-E

We then asked if it was because I didn't believe cause at the time I didn't and she said Y-E-S then we heard a crash when a lamp fell off a shelf. We were scared so we tried ending the game but she wouldn't let us, so we forced it we said goodbye and closed the board.

We went for the door but it was locked. My cousin kicked the door down and we ran out of the house, we left the board in the house and ever since then we've experienced weird things like our names being whispered at night and things falling, and lots of shadows in my house.

One day I was riding my bike down the street in front of the house we used it in, (and left the board in) and there was a tall woman standing in the window where we used the board. We never went back to the house and I live in TX now. If no one has still moved into the house I guarantee the board is still there.

In Texas as I was walking down my street with one of my friends there was a house no one lived in, the owners left without telling anyone, they were just gone one day and never came back, it had been 2 years since I moved to TX and about 6 months since the owners moved. Anyway, my friend and I walked in front of the house, and what I thought to be the same woman as in CA was standing in the window, my friend pointed her out and I looked and got freaked out and my friend didnt know why. But I ran.

Is this "Deumus" the woman, and is she following me?


Ouija and Rituals Before Breakfast

When I was around 20-21 my fiancé and I did our Ouija board sessions in the park. Several times what happened was we got nonsense by a bunch of dogs, as it had been next to a dog park. This particular dog park had been notorious for dog fights, which had increased our odds of;

a) Being alone

b) Getting in contact with something

Anyhow, I've been an ameture paranormal investigator for about three years at that point in time (and I continue, despite my hindrance) This time, I encountered somebody named 'Leonardo' though in reality from a standpoint of five years later, it mustn't have been something that liked the rituals I was doing. Nothing too bad. I asked its death, and it started cursing at me, insulting me, and said very vile, and degrading things. Upset with this, my fiance began to close the session. However the ghost refused, we asked why he was doing this, and it moved to "Demon". My fiance was a religious man, and took the horrible piece from the board and slammed it on 'Goodbye'. Later, nothing seemed to happen. So we (decidedly) continued on with something else.

We played the triangle game. The rules go as follow;

1. Enter a place with minimum to no distractions.

2. Designate a person as ring master/handler.

3. Lie on your back, and close your eyes.

4. You should see a dark building, surrounded by a forest.

5. There is a dog, he will act as a signal if the "Night terror" (As I call it, different names circulate)

6. Wander for as long as possible, and DO NOT let him get you under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!
(I still play it today.)

Anyway, I entered the rituals "Body of effect" and began wandering around. I very soon saw the dog, as it trotted off into the forest. It wouldn't be wise to let it escape, so I ran after it. I could hear my husband's commands as to where I am stop. As I'm feeding what I see to him, I asked what was happening. He said the branches on the dead trees (Long since abandoned) break off. I was going to ask to leave, before I heard him gasp. Apparently, he saw a big, clawed black shadow leap from one bush to another. I was IMMEDIATELY pulled from the ritual, and we went home.

This is a story from way back, so I'm glad to share the details to the few who wish to listen. Enjoy the thrills.

Online Ouija Boards and Real Ouija Board Games

I've had a Ouija board experience without playing on the actual board game. Online Ouija boards are just as real as the board games.

I accidently clicked on a YouTube video of two people playing with a Ouija board. I clicked off then went to bed. Suddenly I felt like my room was tilting sideways.

I was hearing people meditating humming in the next room and there was no one there.

I was hearing evil voices that I wasn't hearing in my mind and I felt like I was being watched.

I was seeing people with burnt faces and having visions of me being run over by cars.

This was a few years ago and I would never play on a Ouija board again. I now have depression and heart problems.



Home Made Ouija Board and the Ghost of a Dog?

One time me and my friend were messing around and talking about a ton of our own ghost stories. We decided to do a Ouija board.

We created the board out of a piece of paper and a shot glass. Only 3 minutes of waiting for someone or something to reply I saw something dark, dart under a bean bag that was in my friends basement. I then screamed and started crying jumping to the edge of the pull out bed. We left the Ouija board downstairs and slept up stairs.

Approximately a month later we tried it again in that same friends basement with one extra person being our other friend. That night before we had been planning to do it in the morning. That same night we were laying on the pullout bed taking snap chat videos in the dark. In one of the videos I was singing a scene from the new Lorax. The song went something like "let it die, let it die, let it shrivel up and die".

We replayed the video only to here what sounded like a bark in the back round. We tried make sounds to see if it was one of use that could have made the sound but nothing could match it. There was no possible way it could have actually been a dog because 1. my friend does not own a dog 2. we were in her basement and lastly it was about 4 am.

I firmly believe it was my friends dog that had passed away a long time ago.

Although this is not the scariest store I believe its worth sharing. Me and my friends are all 15 years old.


Halloween Ouija Sleepover

Okay, so me and a few people were at our friend's place for a sleepover. We were all talking about ghost stories and horror movies when one of us noticed a Ouija board sitting on the top of a bookshelf. My friend who lived there said she'd never seen it before, so everyone started freaking out. A few of us were very intrigued and wanted to open it and play. Everyone else was completely against it. So we went to sleep.

In the morning, we all decided to try to play it. We got it down off the shelf and opened it up. We read the instructions and began to play. We asked the spirit who it was and it went to random letters that we figured spelt "HOWARD". We found out that he was very nice and funny.

We continued communicating with him for about an hour. We asked him if he was evil and he started towards yes, but then quickly headed back to no. Thankfully. Apparently he knew one of the girls in our circle. He spelled out her name multiple times and said he knew her as a baby. Of course my friend was flipping out because it was her. We said goodbye because we were all so scared.

Later we decided to play again. This time we found a female spirit. She told us her name was "DT". We asked when she passed away how old she was when it happened. She told us she was 59 and died in 2007.

After, she told us she knew two of the girls in the group. It started to spell out "HA", all of us assuming it was gonna spell Hannah.

But it just stopped going to letters. It started to go towards the corner of the board and then stopped. I was the first to realize that it was pointing to our friend Hannah. As soon as I said this out loud, everyone screamed. We continued asking questions and found out that the two girls the spirit knew, had met her. And then it hit them. They remembered the spirit from when they were little. They used to watch football games together. It was the mother to a boy on the football team, who died of cancer. Our friend ran upstairs to talk to her mom about it. Her mother had some recollection of this story.
This, to be honest, was very scary for myself and all of my friends.



First Ouija Board Experience With Jack

Okay, so basically ever since I can remember I have always had an interest in the paranormal, spirits, etc etc. I am currently 16 and last night, along with a friend (who is currently 15), we shared our first Ouija Board experience. I had been reading these stories about it all day and searching the "Do's and Don'ts" of Ouija boards and stocked up on my knowledge and just became more fascinated by it, and finally wanted to try it for myself.

At about 9pm my friend and I created our own Ouija Board in my house using cardboard and used a shot glass as the planchette. We did some more last minute research and then went ahead and did it. We did it in the park along the road from us because we had read that it may not have been wise to do it in either of our houses.

Expecting to get no results, after having asking any spirit guides etc to protect us, we asked if there was anyone there. Almost immediately the planchette moved slowly up to yes. We were both astounded and wondered if either of the two of us had moved it, but we didn't. We then found out that it was a male, who was 8 years old called Jack. We then asked if he was a good spirit or not and the planchette moved over to yes. (Although we also assumed it could have been lying, as a lot do) But this put us at ease a little bit.

We then went on to ask how he was and if he was happy. He moved up to "no" quite abruptly, so we asked why. He then spelled out, "F-I-R-Z-Z". We thought he meant fire, so we asked if that was what he meant, but he then spelt out "Z-A-H-M." We had absolutely no idea as to what this meant, and we were started to get a bit creeped out in general, but before we got to saying goodbye the planchette started moving down the numbers (which we know was dangerous) so, we said goodbye immediately and asked Jack if he could then move to goodbye too, but the planchette shot straight up to no. We repeated ourselves and it again went to no. So we then forcefully said goodbye, slammed the glass down on goodbye to break it and then ripped the cardboard up and disposed of it.

I realize this isn't the scariest story ever, but it's creeping us both out and I'm not sure if we did anything wrong/right or if we should be worried about anything. And what the letters "F-I-R-Z-Z" and "Z-A-H-M" could mean.


Floating Ouija Board Planchette In College


I'd always played around with the Ouija board at family events as a kid but eventually grew out of it. In my sophomore year of college I was with about 4 friends and with nothing to do on a Friday night one of them had suggested playing with the Ouija board.

It was all fun and games for the first half hour or so with the usual stupid questions and accusations of who might be moving the piece. Suddenly it began spelling out words we didn't understand. We were taken aback until it spelled out the only English word we all understood... death.

One of my fellow students yells out "Bullshit" while all hands are still on the piece. In an instant the piece rose off of the board about 1/4 inch and floated there for what must have been 3-4 seconds but felt like an eternity, then dropped. At the same time we all heard and saw a large crack appear in the dorm window. That was enough! Everyone ran out.

For days we talked about it among ourselves and shared the story with others. Some of who went by to see the window as it hadn't broken just cracked. This was in 1979 and I haven't touch or played ever since.


A Ouija Spirit Moved Our Couch

My friend Alison and I decided to make our own Ouija board because people at school were asking us to do it. We made one and lit the candle and used a 50c coin we placed it down and set it up but decided to watch videos of what happens with a Ouija. We then freaked out and then chose not to do it but we left the Ouija board open with the candle. We realized the candle was still lit and blew it out but since we didn't talk to the spirits we just closed the board and ripped it up without saying goodbye.

20 minutes later my friend and I were lying on two couches joined together. We started hearing noises and didn't do anything about it. The couches then started to separate and started moving and none of us were moving the couch. The couch that was moving my friend was on and it was taking her away. She started freaking out and jumped on to my couch.

We moved the couch back to see if the couch wouldn't move. But it moved backwards. We started freaking out and woke up Alison's brother to sleep with us in the two joined couches. We tied the bottoms of the couch up and the "spirit" didn't bother us when her brother slept with us. At least we think its a spirit.

Throughout the night we heard scratches and bangs. In the morning we woke up and there was melted plastic laying on the kitchen bench.

Gracie Taggart

Ouija Board And World War III

When I was in high school in the late '60's, my boyfriend and I 'played' with my Ouija board on weekend nights, lighting candles in the dark and asking harmless questions such as "Will we get married?" or "Will we go to the same college?" The planchette used to fly around the board under our fingers; we didn't even have to keep our fingers on it but only just above it, so we could see that we weren't pushing it.

One night as we were ending our session, I decided to ask a serious question: "Who will start World War III?" This was during the Cold War years, and later my boyfriend admitted that he had been thinking of the answer "USSR" while I was thinking "USA." We were shocked to see the planchette go straight to C-H-I-N-A when neither of us had even been thinking of China. We stopped playing with the Ouija then and there.

That was over 40 years ago, but in this day and age the Ouija's answer is as disturbing than ever.


Worried G From Ouija Board Wants To Hurt Us

My friends and I went to that new movie called “Ouija” on a Friday night. The next day, my friend found a Ouija board and bought it so that we could try it out that night. None of them had ever tried it before, but I had once (nothing happened when I tried it).

There were 4 of us and we all gathered in my friend’s basement around 8pm. We were all so excited, but none of us really believed in that sort of thing. We instantly started getting messages from a spirit. He told us that his name was Zack and that he was 3 years old. He said that he had died in a fire and that he was our friend. He said that he was buried in the cemetery behind my friend’s house. Then, we started getting messages from many different spirits. There were at least 6 others that we had talked to that night. Once Zack came back to speak with us, he told us to leave. He said that there was someone bad that he was scared of there and that we needed to be scared, too.

The next morning, we played again and got a message from a 57-year old named “G”. He said that he had died in a car accident and that he was not our friend. We then asked him why he didn’t like us. He spelled out the word “DRINK”. We were all scared because we had had a few drinks the night before. We asked if there was anything that he wanted us to know and he said yes so then we asked what his message was or what he wanted. He replied with “KILL YOU”. We asked if he wanted to kill us and he said yes. We were all so creeped out that we instantly said goodbye and closed the board.

My friend said the next day that he had felt like someone was watching him sleep, had heard footsteps walking around upstairs, and had heard doors closing in the basement (where we played) when he was home alone. We are all still worried that that man wants to hurt us, and plan to attempt to talk to him again this weekend for more information.



Ouija Board Kat

Just like the usual stories, it was a sleepover party. I decided to buy my friend one of those cheap cardboard Ouija boards from Toys-R-Us, obviously with the mindset that it would fail to work.

We did it about 10 times inside of my friends house, and nothing happened. It never worked. Later, at about 2 AM, we went outside to do it, thinking there would be a better chance since there were more houses around.

The first time, the planchette just kept moving in a circle, and we asked if any spirits were present. It shot to yes, almost instantly, which at first I thought was odd, because I heard it supposed to take a little while. Anyway, we continue to ask questions and this spirit claims its name is "Kat" we have a friend named Catherine who was playing the game, and she used to go by Cat so we continued asking questions. She said she was 12 years old and she died in 1993. She claimed to be some sort of guardian angel. My friend was genuinely scared so we stopped the session.

Then, me, and two other friends (neither of them were Catherine) played again. This time it said its name was "Kart". We asked for an age, and it said 17. She said she was a girl and an angel. She said that she has not died nor been born.

We asked if she knew any of us, and she said yes. We asked who. This is when it got really creepy. She spelled out my own name. I took my fingers off the planchette as it continued to spell out my name. We asked how, she said "Game", we asked what her purpose was and she said "Game". She refused to let us leave. She said heaven was nice and that she was with her friends laughing at us. The fact that she kept saying game started to scare us, and we ended the session on our own. I refused to play anymore. Other girls tried some more sessions and nothing worked.

Later, 4 different girls did it (Catherine decided to play again) It took a very long time to work, but it started answering questions. This time, it was a girl who claimed to have commit suicide in 2013, and claimed she was 19 years old. This time, answers came very slowly. She said she went to MHS, and then said MHS was Mason, in Ohio. I looked up the school and its a real place. She said that she shot herself, and that she had a boyfriend named Jay.

Suddenly, as we were playing and freezing, a random all white cat shows up in the street and looks at us. It starts walking up to us and we get a little creeped out, considering that we hadn't seen the cat before. They asked if she was the cat and it spelled out "Kat". This is when we were very scared. The spirit continued to ask for life and asked to kill. It got really scary and they exited the session. We left it alone after that.

Not sure if its real or not, but it was a very scary experience and I don't recommend messing with these.


My Dad And The Ouija

So my dad was telling me what happen when he used it, I have used it before but it's not very interesting as my dads, so my dad my uncle and his friends were playing this and it made a cup spin off a table and it spelt out fire and there was a fire out side, now my dad is messed up and my uncle.

I dunno about their friends but my aunties are perfectly fine but my uncles aren't, so be careful cause your life might be messed up.

Jess Want

The Kind Young Ouija Spirit Named Sam

I am fully aware of how dangerous the Ouija board is, and have seen this danger first hand. I do not recommend anyone dabble in other worldly affairs.

I was lucky enough to meet, what I firmly believe to be, a kind spirit. It all started with my brothers girlfriend Kelly who had a board and I being very interested in the paranormal asked to go out with them.

That night there was 5 of us, and we had gone to a cemetery and gotten creepy spirits so we decided to leave and we ended up in a neighborhood park behind a pool. Upon asking if anyone was there, the board spelled H-E-L-L-O. We talked to him for a few hours so I'll share the things I remember.

He said his name was Sam, and that he was in purgatory. When we asked him how he died he said by water, and that he was killed - we were correct to assume drowning. We asked him who he was sitting next to and he spelled H-N-B, which are my initials. I didn't feel scared though, I kind of laughed and looked around and noticed that the candle near me was burning quicker than any of the rest.
Anyway, whenever there was a lull in our interrogation Sam would spell out Jesus Is Key. Over and over. He said things such as gods gates and how all the spirits around him were terrifying or evil. He didn't mind when we tried to finish his sentences for him, which some people say not to do in case of upsetting the spirit.

Also, one of the girls in our group asked him to move a swing and he said O-K but I quickly told them that was a bad idea, because you aren't supposed to ask spirits to manifest and manipulate objects - I had read. The board then went to No, and we asked if it was because I didn't want him to and he went to Yes.

Things were going fine until he became incredibly frantic, he spelled out B-A-D-M-A-N-H-E-R-E and went directly to Goodbye. That's a very unsettling thing to have happen, but we were all giddy and calm. (Upon returning to Sam he said he made us feel that way so we wouldn't be scared.)

As we left, a cop passed by us. Who is to say if the bad man was the cop that would have resulted in trouble due to the obvious trespassing or if it was something supernatural.

We returned to Sam one or two more times but he had told us that gods gates were opening to him. This experience really made me question my religious beliefs, or lack there of. Other minor things happened but this is the majority of my experience with a pleasant young spirit.

Paul Branham

Has Anyone Else Came Across A Demon PA0?

Okay so me and my sister were bored, we decided to use a Ouija board. At first nothing happened we were about to give up, we moved the board in circles the said Ouija are you there? We were using a shot glass and it started to move very slowly, well then we asked it what our names were, it spelled out my sisters name, soon it started to move very quickly to the letters.

We asked it what its name was, it said pa0, and I asked so its P-A- Zero? And it moved to yes. We then asked if it was a good spirit it quickly moved to no, so we asked if it was bad and it moved to yes. We then asked if it wanted to hurt us it moved to no. We were asking it questions.

We asked where it came from it said HELL And we said how'd you die? It said it killed itself. We asked why, it said prostitute.

We were then really scared, we closed the board and said goodbye, we came back like an hour later, and we barely put our fingers on the board, and it quickly moved to hello, without asking any questions. We asked how many spirits were in the room it said 2. I asked it who it was, it said pa0.
Well then I asked why it was a demon, and it said "Because I like to kill little girls" And we asked why, it said because they're sluts. I asked if my sister (She was using the board as well) if she was a slut, it said no. I asked if I was a slut and it said yes. I laughed and said why? It said because im not a virgin.
The shot glass moved really fast, some things we didn't catch what it was saying. We asked if we could close the board and it be happy? It moved to no, we asked why, it spelt out because I am not done with you guys. We quickly moved the shot glass to goodbye and we closed the board.
We just did this and posted on here, but were scared, and we wanna know has anyone else came across this demon pa0?


I Want Answers About The Ouija

I will start with I do believe in a higher power but not sure if I believe in ghosts.

A while ago my friends started using a Ouija board that they made them selves and followed the instructions on how to do it right. Well I joined them one night after saying the board was being weird and scaring them. This night I wanted them to push it more since I did not believe.

After a while a spirit seemed to be getting angry at my "lack of respect" and started to threaten us. After a while of trying to make it leave it seemed to vanish just then we looked over and saw our friend was writing very fast and backwards and upside down the same five numbers over and over about a hundred times until I took away the note book and with out a second of thought she started to scratch it in to the desk the notebook was on. Everyone tried to stop her and take the pen nothing stopped her until finally I touched her arm and she suddenly stopped and ask what was going on and where she was. She did not remember what happened and I don't know why me touching her stopped it.

After that I went to a friends house who also seemed to believe in ghosts strongly and claimed she was going crazy because every night she saw and heard weird images of people who where hung on the land he house is on in the 1800s. And of course the night I went there was the first night in a long time nothing happened and after I left nothing seemed to happen again.

I am just wondering what people who know more then me about this think and could shed some light for me thanks .


Footsteps And Shadows Ouija Board Experience

I remember my first Ouija board experience like yesterday, I was like 12-13 yrs. old and my sister just moved into her apartment home. I would go over a lot then started to stay on the weekends.

Some nights I would hear foot steps on the ceiling only in the room I slept in, my sisters apartment was one floor, no basement it had an attic but it was so small you could not stand up, there was really only room for a few small boxes, the entrance to the attic was in a closet on the ceiling you had to push up a thin panel then there was the attic I could only have my shoulders and up to look around up there. Also I don't remember ever watching TV in the living room only DVDs cause the TV would just show a fuzzy screen, so shortly I'm just there watching the screen and I can start to make out images of a women's face or young lady.

My sister never knew about the board, I thought it was hers. So I decide to go into the room I slept in with the board, alone, closed door sitting on the bed. Then I started talking to it or whatever and that triangle shape piece that you move around on the board, in the center I think it was supposed to be clear right? so I stare into the center of that and a brown color appeared, it was like blinking like your eye would then I picked up the piece and looked again I'd move it up, down, left, right and it was like following me like you move your eye around, I freaked out, I dropped the triangle piece took the board and threw it away.

After that I never heard foot steps again nor images on the TV in the living room I hope I didn't trap that whatever it was you know but nothing never happened. I never again touched or looked at anything that had to do with that stuff again. But after a few days I started to catch more things from the corner of my eyes and not only at my sisters home, my childhood home I saw shadows take forms and shape, witches jumping out of a dresser like closet on and into the walls, snakes coming out the ground. This one home I was in I was with my sister she was visiting a friend, there both upstairs and the door bell rings I look threw the peep hole I saw a white man, blonde hair with glowing red eyes, I backed up away from the door, it rang again something made me look again and no one was there.

Back to my sisters home just across the yard was a park, I was sitting on the merry go round looking at her house then some reason I just focused and looked directly into the window and I saw like if a little kid ran pass the window only seeing the top oh its head, it had red hair. I ran to the house cause my sister was there and I just started looking all around closets, cabinets and under the beds and nothing. I seen many things after my experience happened and heard more stories about the board on how you get rid of it or if you burn it that you can hear like screaming from the board, I wonder what I did but I really don't want to know now.

I heard and seen a lot when I was younger even felt things, nothing harmful happened to me ever but why was I able to see this. I heard stories of just looking at people and they would just snap cause I was told a bad spirit or demon had a head lock on someone and that person was angry, that was crazy even heard of the cartoon the Smurfs, my mother had crazy child experience about this. Till this day Why me? I came to no harm but still why I even had a time whenever I'd look at the clock am or pm I would catch the time 9:11 and someone or someone I know would get hurt or pass away. The Spirit world is real.....


Ouija Oracle Moving Really Fast In Infinity Symbol

So when I was 13, I had a Ouija board and decided to bring it to my friends house. We asked it questions, talked to our dead family members and animals (dumb, I know) but it was fun to do at the time.

We asked who we were talking to and it spelled out, "Trace" (I've never met a Trace and to do this day, I still haven't) we were talking to him, he was saying he's our age, he told us how he died (fire), we asked what he looked like and all that stuff.

A couple days later, we played it again and I left the room for a minute and my friends said, "Trace wants to talk to you" I was so confused but he was talking to me saying I was pretty, (weird) and that he wants to be more than friends... I found that really strange and I said I want nothing to do with him anymore. He didn't like that, by the way the oracle was moving really fast in an infinity symbol.

When I was 16, I played it for the first time since then, with a different group of people, while we were playing, we had another conversation going on just between me and my few friends about my current boyfriend (Ouija board was there but we weren't asking it questions) two of my friends had their fingers on the oracle and it started moving to spell out "won't be there for long" they asked who and it spelled out my boyfriends name.

I put my fingers on and asked who that was and it said "I'm back" I started freaking out so fast and everyone asked who.

I pulled one friend out of the room and told her the boys name. We went back in and a different person asked who it was (they had no clue, since I only told one person) it spelled out "Trace."


I Used The Ouija Board Alone And This Is What I Got

So, a weird thing happened the other day with a Ouija board I made. My friend and I were bored one night and decided to try out a Ouija board. She got freaked out before we even started so I ended up doing it alone. Here's what I got:

Me: "Are there any spirits who would like to talk?"
Spirit: "Yes"
Me: "What is your name?"
Spirit: "Boy"
Me: "Are you a good or bad spirit?"
Spirit: *moves to sun*
Me: "How old are you?"
Spirit: "26"

I asked it a lot more questions and closed the session by saying "Goodbye". I also told it that it wasn't allowed to follow me.

The next day at school me and one of my other friends skipped gym and did the Ouija board in the locker room. I told her about last night and about "Boy". We set up the board and began to play.

Me: "Are there any spirits who would like to talk?"
Spirit: "Yes"
Me: "What's your name?"
Spirit: "Boy"

Me and my friend freaked out, but we kept going.

Me: "Is this the same 'Boy' that is 26?"
Spirit: "Yes"

My friend got to freaked out and told me to say "Goodbye" so I closed the session.

I don't know if this spirit is really a bad one or not. It doesn't cause me any harm, but it obviously follows me even when I told it not to.


I Need Help Am I Safe?

Me and two of my friends have always wanted to do a Ouija board. So today we did it multiple times and the first few times we ended it by just moving the bottle top to goodbye our selves and then flipping the Ouija board over.

Then after I wasn't sure if we ended it properly so I searched it up, it said that you have to end it like "I want to go now, thank you for you time and I wish you peace" so we did that and it moved automatically to the goodbye sign. So we did that.

By the way the conversations were friendly and when it started getting bad we ended it. We have stopped now scared that its going to haunt us.

I am baptized but my two friends aren't.

After that I prayed this "by the name of god and Jesus I am protected by all their will and no evil spirits or demons can harm me in any way, amen."

No paranormal things have happened but I am scared that soon it will happen... Am I safe?

Bec Gold

Ouija Board And The Most Terrifying Experience Of My Life

Most terrifying experience of my life.

I'm a male. I'm 23 years old from slc Utah. This is my story.

The last year or so I've found an interest in Ouija boards and whether they're the real deal or just a bunch of bullcrap. I've spent many hours looking up and reading peoples stories and experiences they have had. I particularly enjoy reading ones submitted my guys because I feel they are more realistic and not made up like the majority of women that seem to just want attention. So I felt I had done enough research about Ouija boards that I was finally ready to try one out for real. The problem was I couldn't convince any of my friends to do it with me.

One night while my roommate was out of town I had a girl over at my apartment and we had a couple drinks and were talking and I brought up the subject of Ouija boards and to my surprise she was down for playing one with me. (Surprised because she had more balls than most of my guy friends that were too pussy to play) But we took a big piece of card stock and made a homemade Ouija board that looked pretty legit.

We lit candles, dimmed the lights, and tried to set the right mood to make this work. That last sentence sounds like it's leading somewhere sexual. So we asked question after question and just as I suspected... Nothing happened! We didn't give up easily either. We continually stayed at it for over an hour. I wanted it to work so badly. I began doing stuff that I knew were no no's with the board. I was calling it out and even mocking it. Telling it to do anything to prove it was real.
Now I know that was really stupid of me but I had a little bit to drink before it all and I probably was just acting like a macho tuff guy in front of the girl I was with. Well nothing happened and we decided to end and said goodbye to close the board because that's an important step when finished. The next morning I drove her home and I made her keep the board cuz I don't wanna keep that is in my apartment haha.

Well 4 days go by and every thing is all good. No paranormal things going on at all. This is the part where everything changes. It was a weeknight and I was playing Xbox with my roommate Sam till about 11:45 before I decided to go to bed. It probably took me about 15 minutes before I fell asleep around 12:15. At 12:45 I awoke to an extreme amount of pressure on my chest. (I was laying flat on my back in a mummy position with my hands on my chest and I NEVER sleep like that.)

I opened my eyes and there was a large black shadow over me pushing me down into my bed.. First thing I thought was OH MY GOD ITS HAPPENING TO ME and I closed my eyes from fear. (You see I had read about this happening to a few others with all the research I had done.) This was the most frightening and terrifying feeling I had ever felt in my entire life. I couldn't move at all. I didn't know what to do so I began yelling for my roommate for help. The problem was I had so much pressure on my chest I didn't have much air to yell with. And I was thinking in my head that I sound like I'm f-ing asleep but I Wasn't. I was consciously 100% awake. I began to pray for protection from Jesus Christ. After a couple minutes I felt the pressure come off my body and I was able to move again. NOTHING like that had EVER happened to me before.

I was shaking for hours after and didn't dare go back to sleep. For over a month I had to sleep with a light on in my room or I couldn't fall asleep. It's been 8 months since it happened and nothing else has occurred since. I don't think the sleep paralysis was any coincidence either. I truly believe it was a message not to mess with the unknown.

So there is my experience. It is 100% true and I hope you enjoyed it.

Sent in by Josh Hustead

Obsessing Over An Ouija Board Experience

A few weeks ago my little cousin and I played with an Ouija board we made out of paper. Everything went normal, we asked it silly questions, but the last question I asked made me terrified. I've always wondered when and how I would die, so I decided to ask it. It told me I'd be dead by 26 (I'm 19 currently), which I was heart broken because it's so soon.

I asked it how, and it was jumping through the letters 'c', 'a', 'e'. I was confused, as 'cae' isn't a real word. After I took my little cousin home, I went back home and used the board again. I asked who I was speaking to, and it spelled out 'Jeff'. I also asked it other questions to find out 'Jeff' was 13 when he died, he was murdered, and it also said it follows me around a lot. I was scared at that, but I asked if it were good or evil, in which it spelled out good. I questioned why it followed me around, and it spelled out 'protect'. I asked why he wanted to protect me, and it spelled out 'beautiful', I asked who, and it spelled 'you'. It was odd, but I just didn't think much of it. But I asked the Ouija board again, how am I going to die? This time it spelled out 'cancer'.

I've been obsessing over this ever since it happened, based on what it's telling me I only have 7 years to live and it's cancer, so it's probably going to be extremely painful. I can't think about anything else anymore...


Ouija Board And My New Apartment

So my story starts out when I first moved into my new apartment. Right across from a grave yard. To prove that it wasn't a scary thing I walked alone in the graveyard at night. I went right to bed and immediately my door slammed (I had lived here about a week) I thought it was the ac sucking it shut but when I tried to open the door it wouldn't budge. I paused and then quickly tugged at the door to my surprise it opened a little then was pulled shut again.

I jumped in my bed and the next morning the door was completely open. I brushed it off. But then soon I realized there was a spirit in my home. Pictures would fall mirrors would be turned upside down and this picture board that was screwed to the wall even fell. Events started showing me the spirit was trying to tell me something.

Two more I incidents happened before I used a Ouija board to communicate. One being my ring flipped off its rack in my shower and spun in the showers spray for minutes...

The next night my cat was playing with a plastic bag and eventually laid inside it and took a nap. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the bag move a little. I turned quickly knowing she was still on her side only to see the bag slide a across the floor SO FAST that once it went through my kitchen it knocked over a trash can. My cat was puffed up hissing and ran away the bag was shredded to bits.

Then after that I had my boyfriend came over and bring his dads Ouija board. Him and his friend ask it who are you? It spelled n-o-n-o he ask where it was from it said no. He asked if it was bad the board spelled t-s-k-t-s-k-t-s-k then said good bye... the spirit mostly hurts my cat but I'm scared what should I do?



Interesting Ouija Board Experience

Around 20 years ago, I used to dabble with the Ouija Board as the stories surrounding it always peaked my interest. I had done a few "unwise" things with it (ex.: having sex on top of it, using it in a church, placing it on top of a bible while playing it, using it in a graveyard, etc.). OK, so I wasn't the brightest bulb in the box and I was opening myself up for personal assault.

Fortunately, I have no physical or psychological scars from playing it, nor any particularly frightening experiences to report. But there was one evening that stands out the most - Autumn 1991 - that turned out to be rather interesting and entertaining.

I was at my (then) girlfriends apartment, playing Ouija together. About 15 minutes into our session, an entity announced itself (I don't recall it's name). So I started asking some basic Ouija questions, but it turned the conversation towards a "past life" experience that I supposedly had. You see, this entity from the board was a former knight in the year 1521. As our conversation continued, I was allegedly his best friend and we communicated about how we met and the things we did together. Evidently we were both knights of the realm (in England, but I don't recall what city or kingdom) and were closes companions. He went on to say that he was murdered by a "black knight" (who else in 1521?) and that I sought his revenge (the word "revenge" was spelled out on the board). As we continued, he said that I went after this evil knight and killed him, exacting my vengeance. I then went on to marry his widow (he stated that he had wanted me to care for her) and we had 2 children and I finally passed on at the ripe old age of 84 (a question I know better to ask).

This was actually a 3 hour session with the board. There were certainly more details than I'm sharing with you now, but that's the gist of the story. I wrote this entire session down on paper, but of course lost it over the years. It was fascinating and completely unexpected. Granted ,the board lies and playing with it requires education on it's use and it's perils. I have not used the board since 1995 - as my wife refuses to have one in the house. But that is the story that stands out amongst them all. Play at your own risk. It may seem harmless, but forces exist around us that we don't always see or understand. Always best to err on the side of caution.


Ouija Board Depression And Suicidal

My friend and I did a Ouija board about 6 years ago while drunk, we called up some very bad people. As nothing at the time happened we just chucked it away in the morning.

A few days later my flat mate had what I can only describe as something from the depths of hell recorded on her phone from the night we did the board, we both then sunk into a depression but only while in the flat where we had done the Ouija board.

My radiator came away from the wall, which the landlord was very angry about as he was told by a professional electrician that it would have taken at least 5 strong people to rip it of the wall.
My flat mate then became suicidal, at this point we had no choice but to leave.

It has since had no tenant in there for more than a year. We both feel like we are still being effected by this experience, does anyone have any advice?


Ouija Board Ghost Or Demonic?

About a year or two ago my aunt bought me a Ouija board for my birthday. I never used it until maybe 5 months later, when my friend and I were bored at my house. We messed around with it a few times over the next couple months, but nothing ever happened with it. During that time, though, I started to notice small things happening around the house--shuffling noises when I was alone in the dark, objects being moved overnight, and the only musical ornament on the Christmas tree started playing even though it has not worked in over a decade (and still wouldn't work afterwards when I tried to play it.) They were all things that could possibly be explained, but I'm very easily frightened so I decided to stop using the board.

I told my mom about what was happening and she didn't seem to think I was making it up, but I could tell she didn't fully believe it until one morning before school. After handing me my medication, she closed the lid and sat the bottle on the counter and went back to her seat in the living room, and I went back to my bedroom. As I came back out to go to the kitchen, I stopped dead in my tracks because there were about 20 of my pills scattered around the floor, while the empty bottle sat closed on the counter. My mom was completely stumped and swore up and down she had not spilled a thing, and hadn't seen or heard any pills hit the floor.

I'm home alone most days now that my sister is at college, and it seems like that's the only time anything happens. I've heard heavy footsteps, a loud, angry, unintelligible voice behind me in the kitchen, and on one occasion EXTREMELY loud movement upstairs, like someone was rearranging furniture. It sounded to me like the file cabinet being pushed across the floor, but I didn't get the courage to go up there and check until the next day and found that nothing had moved.

Not even a week later I was home alone again, walking toward the kitchen when a figure through the door made me stop and look up from my phone. I thought it was my mom, so I looked back down, waiting for her to come in and explain why she was home from work at noon. The door unlocked, and I waited. Nothing. When I looked back up, there was no one there. At this point I'd get shaken up by anything even slightly out of the ordinary, so I panicked and called my mom hoping it was her and that she'd just forgotten something in the car. (I was NOT about to open that door to check the driveway.) When she said she was still at work, I called my dad. So was he. No one except me, my parents, and my sister who was 4 hours away in another town has a key to my house. And yet I was looking at a door that had just been visibly and audibly unlocked from the outside. It wasn't until right then that I realized how odd the figure was. Normally you can make out hair, skin tone, and clothing through the window but what I saw had none of that. It was black and faceless.

There was a long time when nothing happened at all. I was actually starting to think it had left until one night when I was going to my room after taking a shower. My mom stopped me in the living room and said that an entire pan of chicken had slid from the back of the stove to the floor while I was in the shower. My dad, who always laughed off any experience I had as it just being "Casper the friendly ghost", admitted right then that he'd seen something run past him in the kitchen a few days earlier.

Whatever this thing is, it used to only tease me when I was alone, but now things are happening to my family, and I'm terrified of this gut feeling I have that things are going to slowball.

I'm posting this here to hopefully hear from someone who has had similar experiences and might have some insight into what this thing is. I used to think that it was just a ghost but after a lot of research I'm starting to worry that it's demonic.


My Weird Ouija Board Story

So me and my friends were hanging out one night and we decided to use a ouija board. At first we were joking around not being serious and we didn't get any answers, but the board like shook hard scaring the crap out of all of us so we said goodbye and put it away quickly.

After that we started watching some videos on exorcisms don't ask me why but after we turn the computer off noises started coming from the speakers and we turned the computer on to see a demon like face this happened twice.

Then we had my friend kaseys mom play with us so we went down stairs and put it on the coffee table. At first we got someone called tom all he did was write gibberish and go to the letter e we said goodbye and took a short break. The next spirit we got when we asked the name every time it went to 3 14 and counted down from 7 we didn't let it finish though. When it tried to go off the board we pushed it back and it went to (k m c) mine the mom and kaseys first initials.

 Next time he spelled zo two separate times and pointed to silver. I asked if it was good and it said f no we said goodbye. After that we put kaseys moms silver ring on the silver spot and kasey made a cross out of straws.

The we played it spelled out
Kasey dead
We asked why she was dead
He evil
Who's evil

Then it spelled gibberish back to e and then mother figi which was weird I asked if it was ever alive and it went back and forth from no to yes so we said goodbye. Next time it spelled out 'boots are back tell a friend' which is a Harry styles quote and it went like this

Are you a girl
What's your favorite band
The 5 symbol (five seconds of summer logo)
How old are you
When did you die
20 stopped after that
How did you die
Car crash
Were you going to a one direction concert
What's your name
Kas- we stopped there because kaseys names spelled like that

Can someone help me interpret this we all said goodbye and no activity since but that was weird


ZOZO Lied To Me And I Need Help!

Around a month ago I was with some friends, they wanted to play the Ouija board I was to scared so I just watched them play. Nothing really happened but it made me want to play really badly!

So a couple days later my friend and I made a Ouija board out of paper, we talked to a couple people but one of them tolled us when my boyfriend would dump me and it happened! That night a couple of my friends and I played the Ouija board again and it spelled out "ZOZO" and tolled us some of our family members were going to die at the end of the night. When we checked on them they were completely fine. After this I played the Ouija board almost everyday and every time I would get a demon called "ZOZO" so my friend would do it for me so we didn't get him every time.

One day we were playing and my friend had to leave so I played it by myself which isn't a very good idea. Her name was Abby and I talked to her for hours and I would keep playing by myself and it would always be her and she told me she was a good spirit I believe everything she told me. One day I played the Ouija board by myself in my house but, I forgot to say goodbye. I let her into my house by accident. Later we were talking and I told her she lied to me and she kept lying. That's when I realized I wasn't talking to Abby, it was Zozo the whole time and I let him into my house.

No matter how much I didn't want to play, I kept playing the Ouija board everyday! He kept telling me things I did not want to do, he made me hate people, turn against them, he made me depressed and tons of other things! The only way he could was using my ex-boyfriend (that I still loved) to get to me it was the only way he could hurt me and the same thing happened everyday. I got tons of scratches and welts from him. We talked so much we almost became friends... and this is really weird but we were listening to music together...and he would tell me what song he liked and what he didn't like and I played this one song (that was made six years ago) and he told me that he has heard it before and that he loved it! But I knew "Zozo" has been around longer then six years and I found out that he is not Zozo he is a different demon he will not tell me his name.

A different time he made me upset and I ripped up the Ouija board and taped it back together and it made him very mad! I have been under demonic attack for a while now but it keeps getting worst I now do not need to use the Ouija board I can talk to him in my mind he never leaves hes with me 24 7 and I talk to him all the time I don't really have a choice he can move my body if he wants he can taste and smell and if he cries I do as well, he makes me depressed, mean, I'm a different person now. He all does it by using my ex-boyfriend. I know how to get rid of him but for some reason I cant do it! It keeps getting worse and I cant tell people about.

I need some advice before it gets really bad? If any one knows how to help me?


A Short Story Of A Weird Ouija Board Session

So a few months ago some friends and I were drinking and having a good old time. It was late at night and I had the bright idea of using an Ouija board! Well the thing is we didn't have one. So we made one out of paper and used a shot glass. It basically works. I asked my friend Katie and Sam to play. Lets just say Sam was already hammered. As soon as we start playing Quentin requests for ZOZO.

"Are you fucking kidding me Sam!?" I yelled, I had read about Zozo and I didn't need to deal with that shit. Katie was also pissed

Sam apologized but that didn't help anything.

We started another session and Asked who was there

It immediately went to Z-O-Z and we stopped. We said fuck it and started drinking some more.
Of course I wanted to play again, but this time I put a ring of salt around our board in efforts to keep zozo out. Well our board didn't work with the ring of salt around it. So we took it off. It was working slowly. We were just playing card games with it. asking if it was the right card and 80% of the time it would get it perfectly right.

And then Katie's other brother wanted to play, Benjamin
So Ben was married at the time, but sincerely wanted to get out of his relationship because he was in love with a girl back from home.

It was around 2:55am when he started to play and he asked "there's a question in my head I can't say out loud, Should I?"

It immediately went to NO. It was the fastest it worked all night.

I'm guessing he rephrased the question and asked again. It went to YES

Ben slammed his fists on the table, "What the FUCK, why are you fucking with me?"
Katie and I just sat there wide eyed and then the board slowly went to H-A-H-A-H-A

and then went straight to goodbye. I asked him later what he'd asked and the first question was "Should I get divorced" and the second was "Should I stay with Lisa" (that's his now ex wife's name)
a couple weeks later Ben called me and told me him and Sam had been experiencing some weird shit in their house. They have this creepy small door in the upstairs room which is pretty much like an attic. And whenever he comes home that creepy small door is always open. Its a storage little room and they don't have anything stored in there, they've literally never opened it before.

His brother Sam, one night woke up in the middle of the night and saw a dark figure in his room. He couldn't move or speak and just stared. The dark figure came to his bed and slapped him in the face. His girlfriend was sleeping next to him and he was afraid the figure would attack her. He started screaming and before he knew it. the figure was gone. His girlfriend woke up and told him it was just a dream.

So I helped them out with giving them some prayers and blessings. But what can you do? He invited a demon into his house.

Be careful and Don't be stupid everyone. Because this shit. Is Real.

Kendra Abbott

Tried Using A Ouija Board To See If I Had A Spirit Animal Guide

Yesterday I bought a Ouija board to find out if I had a spirit animal guide or something.

It spelled out "Hufflepuff" which was weird, since that is my Hogwarts house on Pottermore. What does that have to do with spirit animals?

Then I glanced over at my hermit crab tank, and 4th of July (his name) had crawled out of his shell and was dead. I stopped using it after that.

Maybe the spirit was teaching me about home or something. It was just bizarre.


Three American Friends Hospitalized After Becoming 'Possessed' Following Ouija Board Game

Three American friends hospitalized after becoming 'possessed' following Ouija board game in Mexican village

Alexandra Huerta, 22, reportedly playing with Ouija board in Mexican village Joined by her brother Sergio, 23, and 18-year-old cousin Fernando Cuevas But minutes into game, trio apparently started acting in a 'trance-like state' Alexandra began 'growling', while her relatives were suffering hallucinations.
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First Ouija Board Experience

I have always been interested in using an Ouija board. I bought one from Toys R Us and it sat in my closet for months because no one wanted to try it with me. I have a close friend that has used an Ouija board before and he told me to bring it over.

We lit a few candles and began talking to the board. We asked it a couple of questions and got incomplete answers. My friend told me to clear my head and focus. He told me to ask the board a question that only I would know the answer to. I asked the board what the name of my German Shepard was I had as a kid. (I had only known my friend for about a year at the time and our previous pets were something we just never talked about.) The board spelled out the name Greta. That was the name of the dog, the correct answer to my question.

I stood up and looked at my buddy. He could tell I was surprised. I asked him if he did that, but clearly he had no idea the answer to my question. We used the board a bit longer asking silly questions and laughing at the answers.

I have told others this story and they kind of laugh and act like I'm making it up. I'm not. I've heard terrible Ouija board stories, and am glad nothing like that has happened to me.

Be careful and don't ask the board questions you don't want to know the answer to!

Seth Patterson

Ouija Board Experience And A Dream

When I was maybe 10 or so, my Aunt got me a Ouija board for my birthday. Being the dumb ten year old I was, I tried it with my cousins, and we all didn't take it seriously. So it sat in my closet, until we moved. I guess it was thrown out.

Fast forward to 18.

My step brothers girlfriend had a little sister fascinated with the paranormal. So she had a Ouija board, but instead of the planchette we used a shot glass. I don't remember my session, but I do remember a dream.

My cousin was due to marry her boyfriend in the summer. So in my dream, I was sitting with my dad, but a waiter walked over towards me. He was pale, despite the suns glare, shoulder length black hair, ice blue eyes, almost clear. He wore a white shirt and a blood red tie. He murmured in my ear his name was Jessie. Which I found funny because my name is Jessica. But everyone calls me Jess.

I guess we began dating, because we were in a single room no furniture, tan carpet, white walls. He just looked at me.

“Marry me.”

“My parents don't approve.”

“I don't care, I'm marrying you! Not them. We can do it in secret. Elope, Vegas.”

Next thing I know I'm staring at a plane seat.

At the alter, he looked at me in awe, but before the vows were exchanged, someone stopped it.

Then I woke up. Unharmed, just “Jessie's” vivid face in my mind. I can still see it clear as day.

Leading us to our final session. It was held at a friends house, going decent, nothing haunting, nothing horrible.

Until I opened my mouth.

“When will I meet Jessie?”

The lights flickered.


I tried to move the shot glass to goodbye, but it wouldn't move.

The dogs we had barked, lights flickered, and the two little girls with us screamed.

Nothing happened, since that night.

But my real question is, who was Jessie, and what did he want with me?

Livin in a lonely world

Our Encounter With The Paranormal Through The Ouija Board

Me and my siblings had an encounter with the paranormal through the Ouija board last year.

My three older sisters, Sam, Caren and Sarah had come over that day to help me unpack in my new apartments, where in a box my grandmother gave me, was a glow in the dark Ouija board.

The girls were completely fascinated with the whole paranormal aspect... so they had invited my older brother round.

We played for about an hour before I had decided to give up, we weren't getting anywhere, so what was the point? As I readied myself to move my hands away, the planchette started too go crazy! Moving around in circles erratically.

"Whoa!"My four siblings cried in unison. I sat stock still, scared. I used to be a skeptic in the paranormal..but I realized something.

It isn't possible for all five of us to move the planchette in the same direction, then when it started to answer our questions, spelling out in full sentences, I realized this was truly happening.

I simply asked in a meek voice. "Who are you?"

"ZOZO!"It replied. Nathan almost cried from shock.

He explained that he'd heard of ZOZO and that he was apparently showing up all over the world. Was a demon.

I told everyone we had to say goodbye, trusting my brother as he was almost never wrong.

My sisters refused and started asking questions, like if anyone we knew would die.

The board spelled out, Aurora.

We had no idea who Aurora was, so they didn't panic, and started asking how this 'Aurora' would die.

"INSIDE." ZOZO spelled out. Inside what?

The board started moving erratically then, spelling out my name over and over again..I finally convinced my sisters and brother too say goodbye.

About 4 months later, I found out I was pregnant. I had forgotten all about my experience with ZOZO, finally I had found happiness in my husband and my unborn child.

Just as I went into Labor, my midwife explained that my daughter, who I was going to call Aurora, didn't make it. She was born still born.

My precious little girl.

I advise you too stay away from the Ouija board. I know that the mystery and disbelief can draw you too it, but it isn't worth it, I paid for it in the worst possible way, so please.

Heed my warning.


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