My Ghost Story

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It all started out innocently enough. I am still taken by strange feelings once in a while, and it might take many years for it to stop, maybe not, I’m not sure. Only time will tell, but I must, I have to tell my story, and let it out of my chest because I still hear the noises that haunt me everywhere I go, and they always come in threes. If I tell my story, it might stop, and give me some peace. I never sit near windows in airplanes, trains, restaurants or offices, though. I avoid windows the most I can--especially at night. I wish the noises would end, but they never do. I wonder if they ever will. I guess that sometimes it’s impossible to stop the river of life.

I had just arrived at Colégio Bennett Girl’s Camp on a Friday afternoon, in the year of 1969. My friends and I had come in a big, white and noisy bus all the way from Rio de Janeiro, and up towards the Alto da Tijuca woods. The bus had parked under an enormous Jake tree. I was immediately enveloped by its long, thick branches and inviting coolness the moment I got off. Strangely enough, I also felt a chill run through my body but I thought it was the excitement in the air, and the idea of being away from my mother’s overbearing presence.

Panela, Katia, Sichel, Baby, Luisa and I met in our cottage room. We had made a special request weeks ago: to be placed together in the same room, or we wouldn’t sign up for girl’s camp. We were best friends. Our school wanted to make ends meet that year, so that wasn’t a problem. We were inseparable, like magnets, stuck to one another, and we had no secrets ... until that weekend. We unpacked, folded our clothes in the large shelves and got ready for dinner.

While my friends talked and gossiped, I remember looking out of the window for a long time--without knowing that this would be the last time that I would be able to come close to one, and I admired the outside view while I saw my own reflection. I pushed my long, blond hair back, lifted my brown, Ray-Ban sunglasses and peered at my green eyes. A lost sun ray fought through the trees and through the window’s glass which made me close my eyes for a few seconds. I was happy then, and didn’t know it.

After dinner, and right after the Grand Meeting in mess hall, we returned to our room. We wanted to undress and gossip some more in our pajamas. The orange yellowish moon grew in size over the dark lake, across from our cottage. My bed was a top one, so I could follow the moon’s lazy walk along the dark sky and see it make its way through the shiny stars. I also observed the growing signs of fog crawling over the cat tails alongside the long lake, and I thought of goblins and gnomes, fairies and leprechauns dancing, playing, flying and searching for pots of gold under big mushrooms. Would rainbows be seen tomorrow? I needed better days in my life.

“Christina! Stop daydreaming. Look what I brought!” Panela said while removing something from her red duffel bag.
“What, Panela?”

“Stop calling me Panela. My name is P-a-m-e-l-a.”
“No can do. Panela it is. Just as Consuelo is Baby and Christine is Sichel. I am the only Christina in this group. I am the Captain, remember!”

“Yes, Captain, my Captain!” Pillows landed on my head, and we giggled and laughed until tears rolled down our cheeks. They sat on the red carpet around Panela and curiously looked at the package. Panela unwrapped it slowly. Heads touched while I tried to see what was lying in front of them, mysterious and dark--staring at us with hungry eyes. My heart missed a beat.

“An Ouija board! Panela, you brought an Ouija board to girl’s camp?”

“Why, yes. Why not? I thought it would be fun.”

“Panela ... you know how I feel about these things ... you know that I 'feel' strange things besides, this is not a toy ... there are dangers involved with the playing of the spirits.”

“Oh, come on, Christina. Let’s give it a try!” Baby said while her eyes were glued to the letters and numbers imprinted on the strange board. She stretched out her hand but she was scared to touch it; it looked awake.

“Please”, Luisa asked, touching the board. “Let’s play.”

“Come on”, Sichel and Katia pleaded, pushing me towards the floor and forcing me to sit on a pillow. They gathered around me, caressing my hair and massaging my shoulders. “Please.”

“Okay, okay, okay, but only this time because it’s a downright--bad mojo.”

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