Spooky Misty Mountain UFO Sighting

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The truth is out there, be open-minded! This UFO caught on camera is part of the work I did during 2010 for a well known UFO investigation agency based in the USA. I am not to detail the location of this sighting nor the informant who detailed to me information which is highly sensitive.

The UFO seemed massive, easily the size of a house!

This location is covered with government, private and military communication equipment, buildings here are deserted and only used for hardware connected to communications. Is this information being tapped into? If so why?

Are these sightings connected to the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake UFO's? Or is it connected to the mass UFO sightings seen in China and the Alien found in the Russian snow? Lets not discount the London UFO sightings in 2011.

All these Amazing UFO sightings in 2010 and 2011 must have a common link.

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