Mind Control and UFOs

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By Alex Constantine

Feb. 1996


Author's Note: The following letter was sent in response to a
query from a writer in Austin, Texas concerning UFOs, Area 51
and mind control.

Everyone has their own perspective on UFOs and Area 51
and they cling to it passionately. Those who swallow the "alien"
cover story whole loathe the truth, especially those who have
made the intelligence-anchored fantasy the core of their personal

But the truth is brighter than the average disk slipping
through the night sky with its running lights blazing.
If you don't agree with anything I have to say, make it a
gentlemen's debate. Passionate arguments are hard on the digestive
system, and I have seen enough to know that "alien" adherents don't
understand electronic mind control at all. If they did, they would give
up their childhood dreams.

The organizations turning nonlethals on civilians are totally
stripped of conscience. They are capable of anything. The hierarchy
that controls them has been in place for some time, but a kind of
culmination occurred under Clinton. The most important defense firm
at Area 51 is ESL, once run by William Perry, secretary of defense.
ESL is part owner of Area 51.

The mind control is central to the function of the disks. They
came together after WW II, because Laurence Rockefeller and
other national security wigs went to Germany to study the advanced
technology at Penemunde, Himmler's redoubt and the source of the
Japanese economic "miracle" -- also the R&D center of the disks.
Years later, Laurence headed up a UFO study group. Of course,
they depended heavily on "aliens." Of course, Laurence today funds
Scott-Jones, et.al.

Once the... 'cover' drops away, their greatest fear, out will
come the fact that the Nazi scientists used the disks to replace
Auschwitz and the other camps, where they once experimented
on condemned prisoners. In the U.S. the Paperclip Nazis were
given a craft to transplant victims to the lab and a post-hypnotic
cover story to replace those invaluable camps.

That they pulled
it off by making the public believe in aliens [as opposed to top
secret 'Nazi' aerospace projects. - Wol.] is positively amazing.
It's done through repetition. A day doesn't go by that the media
doesn't stick "aliens" in out faces. They don't have much to say
about mind control, however. Which is really the closely guarded

Classified technology is beyond the imagination of most
people. Levitation is old hat. Synthetic [computer-enhanced
encephalographic] telepathy is old hat. When the imaging equip-
ment was used on me, I could remote view nine areas of the world
at the same time. Psi-Tech, the firm run by chronic confabulator
Ed Dames and that complete psychopath John Alexander, states
in the very name of their company how remote viewing really works
-- with machines. (I've been linked to them, so I speak with confidence
about all of this.) I'm not speculating. They were developed by scien-
tists hiding behind the "alien" cover.

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