Subject: A Report of UFO Sightings

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This view was seen through a large
picture window in the living room where we relaxed, especially
during the evenings. Quite often we would not draw the drapes
so that we could enjoy the rising of a full moon as it appeared
over the island, and left an orange reflective glow on the sea in
the foreground.

We sometimes saw lights of different colors
moving across the sky, and these at times would remain
stationary for periods of time before moving on again. I have
spend nine years as a pilot flying small and large helicopters.

I believe that I would have recognized them as such. I was
always intrigued by these lights, but as they didn't appear
often, I didn't think too much about them.

However in the summer of 1991 when the sun had set, and
it was quite dark, I saw two orange balls on or near the water
in Horo Straight about two miles away. They were very large,
at least fifty feet in diameter, and were immobile.

I took my
binoculars to view these objects, but could not make out any
details in the orange glows. Initially, they were close together
and could be seen within the focal width of the binocular lens.
Then after some time, maybe fifteen or twenty minutes, they
appeared to drift apart so that I could not observe both orange
balls through the lens at the same time.

While viewing this
phenomena I remembered that I had seen something very
similar to this in 1943 on or over the English Channel. As of
then, I couldn't bring myself to believe that I was watching
extra terrestrial vehicles, and felt that there had to be a logical
explanation for them.

After perhaps an hour, when nothing
seemed to have changed and the orange balls appeared as
they were when I first saw them, I felt tired and retired to bed.
During the night I awoke and looked to see if the orange balls
were still visible, but they had disappeared.

For the next day or two I studied our local newspapers to
learn whether others had reported any unusual sightings on
Horo Straight, but there was nothing. I asked some of our
neighbors if they had seen anything unusual that night, but
of those to whom I spoke, their drapes had been drawn and
none had seen anything unusual.

Gordon W. Cammell


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