UFO Abductees Receive Marks on their Bodies

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Alien Implant


-   Aliens can be present with us in an invisible state and can
make themselves only partially visible.

--   Abductees receive marks on their bodies other than the
well-known scoops and straight-line scars.  These other marks include
single punctures, multiple punctures, large bruises, three- and
four-fingered claw marks, and triangles of every possible sort.

--   Females abductees often suffer serious gynecological problems
after their alien encounters, and sometimes these problems lead to
cysts, tumors, cancer of the breasts and uterus, and to hysterectomies.

--   Aliens take body fluids from our necks, spines, blood veins,
joints such as knees and wrists, and other places.  They also inject
unknown fluids into various parts of our bodies.

--   A surprising number of abductees suffer from serious illnesses
they didn't have before their encounters.  These have led to surgery,
debilitation, and even death from causes the doctors can't identify.

--   Some abductees experience a degeneration of their mental,
social, and spiritual well-being.  Excessive behavior frequently erupts,
such as drug abuse, alcoholism, overeating, and promiscuity.  Strange
obsessions develop and cause the disruption of normal life and the
destruction of personal relationships.

--   Aliens show a great interest in adult sexuality, child
sexuality, and in inflicting physical pain on abductees.

--   Abductees recall being instructed and trained by aliens.  This
training may be in the form of verbal or telepathic lessons, slide
shows, or actual hands-on instruction in the operation of alien

--   Abductees report being taken to facilities in which they
encounter not only aliens but also normal-looking humans, sometimes in
military uniforms, working with the alien captors.

--   Abductees often encounter more than one sort of alien during
an experience, not just the grays.  Every possible combination of gray,
reptoid, insectoid, blond, and widow's peak have been seen during single
abductions, aboard the same craft or in the same facility.

--   Abductees--"virgin" cases--report being taken to underground
facilities where they see grotesque hybrid creatures, nurseries of
hybrid humanoid fetuses, and vats of colored liquid filled with parts of
human bodies.

--   Abductees report seeing other humans in these facilities being
drained of blood, being mutilated, flayed, and dismembered, and being
stacked, lifeless, like cords of wood. Some abductees have been
threatened that they, too, will end up in this condition if they don't
cooperate with their alien captors.

--   Aliens come into homes and temporarily remove young children,
leaving their distraught parents paralyzed and helpless.  In cases where
a parent has been able to protest, the aliens insist that "The children
belong to us."

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