The Grudge/Blue Book Incident

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Project Blue Book

William S. English


Many nights I go outside of my home into the yard where I look up
through the clear, crisp, desert night, to look at the bright stars and
wonder.  Sometimes I am reminded of nights similar to these when I stood
upon the high plateau of Glastonbury Tor in England, looking at stars
so bright you could almost reach out and grab a handful of them, and
almost relive the legends of CAmelot and Arthur the King.  When I
think back, I remember the pleasant times and joy that was once a part
of my experiences in England, and with my family.  As I think back on
it all I also remember the pain that was caused me during that time.

For those of you who are reading this story, many of you may read
it and look upon it as a science-fiction story.  Many of you may be able
to recognize the truths.  For now let's say that it is a fiction.
People seem to be able to accept fiction over fact because sometimes
the fact over-shadows the fiction in such a way that the fiction sounds
more realistic than the fact.  This is such a case.

What I am about to present to you is a true story.  I know it is
true because I have lived it.  It is my story, and although I present
it as fiction it is fact.  I have also acknowledged the fact that the
material I viewed may perhaps have been fraudulent.  But what I have
been forced to live through is not.

Several of the names used in this book have been changed.  This is
not to protect the innocent, but rather, to protect myself from possible
litigation.  Many of the names have not been changed, these are the
heros of the story and are in fact living human beings who are or who
have been currently investigating the facts concerning UFO's and related
subjects.  To them I say the following:

If I have taken liberties, it is not out of malice toward you, but
more admiration.  It is because of your efforts in the research fields
that I have finally been able to present this story to the public in
order that they, the readers, can form their own opinions and beliefs
concerning the material that I am about to present.  All of you have my
admiration, and my thanks.  Even those who have disagreed with me
personally.  Your efforts to discredit me have spurred me on farther and
harder than any of my friends.  I admire your adherence to your ethics,
and encourage you to keep doubting, and to keep hunting for the truth.
In the end it can benefit all of us who desire to know the truth.

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