The Grudge/Blue Book Incident

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Project Blue Book


During the second week of July I reported for work as I normally
did, only this time when I checked in I was met by to Air Security
Policemen who informed me that the base commander, Col, Robert Black
wanted to see me at his office immediately.  I was then escorted by
these two neanderthals to Headquarters building at the top of the hill
to the col's office where I was made to wait for about thirty minutes
before Black would see me.  When he did see me he was very brusk and
cold and politely informed me that my services as a Data Analyst for
the United States Air Force Security Services Command were no longer
needed and that I was being immediately sent back to the United States
via a MAC flight from RAF Lakenheath.  I politely reminded the Colonel
that since I was a civilian hire and that my place of hiring was in fact
in England they had no right to ship me back to the U.S. without my
consent, and since my wife was a civilian employee of the Department of
Defence Schools, I would automatically fall under the dependant
classification if I was no longer employed by the government.

Black's basic reaction to all of this was laughter.  He in turn
politely informed me that for all he cared I could eat shit and bark at
the moon.  I was going back to the United STates whether I wanted to or
not, and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it.

Seeing that there wasn't much to be gained by arguing with the
asshole, I then requested permission to at least call my wife at the
school and let her know what the hell was going on.  Permission was
refused me and I was immediately escorted to RAF Lakenheath under armed
guard and placed on a flight back to the states.

When I arrived in the states I immediately tried to call my wife
to let her know what had happened.  Every time I tried to get through,
the phone would ring, a man's voice would answer and then the phone
would go dead.  Not only did this happen when I tried to call my wife,
but also when I tried to call several friends that could possibly get
a message to my wife.  Needless to say it was like this for several
months, and finally I gave up trying.  I wrote letters to her, to my
friends, everyone that I could think of, and still there was no
response.  Finally, I gave up trying.  I have since learned that my wife
transferred to a different Air Force Base shortly after that, after she
had been told by Black that I quit my job and deserted her and the boys.
It was a bald face lie, but by then it was to late to prove otherwise,
and would have been impossible under the circumstances.

What took place after that was one series of failures after
another.  I returned to my home town of Tucson, Arizona and began
looking for a job of some type that would support me.  After several
months and much indignation I found a job working as a fry-cook/night
manager at a Waffle House on I-10.  It was during this time that it
looked as if I might be going back to Europe as there was a job offer
to work for the British Broadcasting Corporation as a Cameraman.  I quit
my job at the Waffle House, and suddenly the job fell through.  I just
didn't hear anything more from them, and they wouldn't answer any of my
letters of inquiry.  Shortly there after I got a job working for a
security company as a guard.  It was during this juncture in my
employment career that I was assigned to work at the campus of Pima
Community College.

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