The Grudge/Blue Book Incident

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Project Blue Book


Prior to my assignment at the college, I had not given much thought
to the question of UFO's and the effect that it was having on my life.
In fact I had become so consumed with the act of survival that I had not
given it any thought at all.  You the reader, must bear in mind also,
that this was perhaps the most trying time that I had ever had in my
entire life.  I had just lost a family that I loved and care for very
much, and there wasn't a thing that I could do that would make it
different, no matter how much I wanted it or tried.  In short, I was on
the verge of suicide.  

While working the campus shift for the security company, I noticed
an announcement on the bulletin board announcing the speech of one
Stanton Friedman, eminent scientist and UFO Investigator.  The speech
was set to take place at the college that night and I decided that I
would attend as it was free at the student union.  During the course of
Stan's speech he imparted a great deal of information about science and
the study of UFO's, but for some reason none of it seem to be of any
great consequence.  The information was based in part on investigations
that many well meaning and hard working people had been able to gather.
Most notable were the efforts of Jim and Coral Lorenzen, the founders
of the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization.  The only problem with
it was the fact that it wasn't all of the information.  During the
course of Stan's speech he made mention of the fact that Blue Book
Report #13 had never been published and that the government had said
that it jumped from thirteen to fourteen due to the unlucky significance
of the number thirteen. Hogwash!!!!

I knew that this was hogwash and after Stan finished his talk I
approached him and told him that it was.  He asked me point blank how
I knew it was hogwash, and I told him that I viewed A report entitled
Grudge/Blue Book Report #13, that went far beyond their wildest dreams
with regard to admitting the existence of UFO's.  Within a matter of
minutes I was whisked away by Stan, Allen Benz, and Jim Lorenzen to the
APRO Offices that were then located on North Country Club in Tucson,
where I spent several hours relating my experience and detailing
everything that I could remember about the report, which was quit a bit. 

It took several months for the final outcome of that conversation to
finally come out, but at the time Jim Lorenzen thought that I was
nuttier than a fruitcake.  Which I suppose under the circumstances was

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