The Grudge/Blue Book Incident

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Project Blue Book


During the interim, I was allowed access to the files at the APRO
offices where I began to learn and understand more than I had before
all of this had started.  One of the things that I discovered through
my research was that over the years there was a pattern of government
cover-up that far outreached anything that anyone was aware of at the
time I began my research.  In fact it has only been during the past ten
or so years that people have come to realize that this is the case.
Another thing that I discovered was the fact that the information I had
concerning Grudge/Blue Book Report #13 was information that some one
wanted to keep quiet.  So much so in fact, they were willing to kill,
or at least put on the show of trying.

The first attempt took place in Tucson, Arizona.  I was driving
from Tucson to Sierra Vista, where my father had his Real Estate Office
located at.  I was in the process of starting a small custom leather
shop at the time and had decided to go down to discuss with my father
some problems that I had been having with funding.  As I was driving
down I-10 toward Sierra Vista it was a pleasant day, at least for riding
a motorcycle.  The road didn't have to much traffic and there were
several stretches where I was the only vehicle on the road.  

It was during one of these intervals that a black, 1978 Lincoln
Continental came onto the road behind me and began to pace me as I drove
along.  As I traveled I kept seeing this car in my rear-view mirror. 

At first I didn't think a great deal of it, but as time went on I
noticed that it never seemed to go faster or slower than I did, always
keeping the same distance.  Between Tucson and the turn off to Hachuca
City the limo made it's move and I happened to catch it in my mirror as
it suddenly speeded up as it came toward me.  I moved to the side of the
road and began to hug the shoulder as closely as I was able to and in
the process slowing down in order to let it pass me by.  Instead of
moving toward the left to pass it came over into the should where I was
at.  Seeing this and getting a bad feeling in my stomach I gun the motor
on my bike and cut suddenly left, just barely getting out of it's way
as it came past me and over the spot I had just vacated.  I knew then
that this wasn't and accident.  Just after the car pasted me by the
driver slammed on it's brakes and spun around in order to make another
pass at me.  For a few moments it seemed like I was in the middle of a
game of roller ball and I was the ball.  Avoiding the vehicle again I
then cut across into the desert as fast as I could go.  The Lincoln
tried to follow but as it came onto the desert floor it appeared to get
stuck in the loose dirt and stopped.  I continued on my way through the
desert in the general direction toward Sierra Vista and eventually made
my way to my father's office.

When I arrived at my father's, I told him what had taken place.
He pooh, poohed and told me that it was my imagination, but never the
less followed me in his car back to Tucson.  This was the first attempt
upon my life.

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