The Grudge/Blue Book Incident

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Project Blue Book


Within a matter of weeks another attempt took place.  By this time
I had gotten my business operating and did a lot of work out of my
apartment.  I had gotten into a pattern by this time and was usually in
bed around ten o'clock at night.  This night however I had been invited
to spend the night at a friends whom I had been helping to rebuild a
saddle.  It came at the spur of the moment and I had not made any plans
for it to happen prior.  This particular night I just happen to be at
the store when he came over and asked me to come by and have dinner in
exchange for the work that I had helped him with on the saddle, and then
stay for an evening of movies and HBO.  Normally I would have been at
home that particular night.  The next morning upon my return to my
apartment I found that it had been burned completely.  The fire
department informed me that it had been arson.  It would seem that some
one tossed a fire bomb into my front window possibly thinking that I
would be there.  I lost everything that I had in the apartment to
include a pet hamster that I had grown quite attached to.

Over the years there have been approximately fifteen attempts on
my life.  Several of these were reported to the local police department,
several have not.  In all cases the police department have not
investigated once they find out that I am an investigator of UFO
phenomenon.  You figure it out.

In the early part of 1980 I was surprised to receive a phone call
from Robert Black, the Air Force Colonel who in 1977 sent me packing on
my way from RAF Chicksands.  Black told me that he had been
involuntarily retired from the Air Force and believed that it was due
in part to the document that I had viewed while working for Security
Services Command at RAF Chicksands.  I was more or less cool toward
Black but agreed to meet with him at my store in Trail Dust Town in
Tucson.  When we met I asked him several questions concerning my family
and discovered what had happened after my departure.  Apparently my wife
had been told that I deserted them and that I upped and quit my job
without notice and then caught a MAC flight out to the states.  My wife
was faced with several difficult decisions, among them was how to handle
the up bringing of two children.  According to Black she finished out
the school year at RAF Chicksands and then requested and received a
transfer to a different school system within the Department of Defence
Schools in Great Britain.  He went on to say that he had no idea as to
what happened when I tried to contact them, saying that he was told
after I left, that it was out of his hands. 

Black went on to say that he had come across some information that
indicated a flying saucer or space vehicle of some type had crashed at
the White Sands Missile Range, and that because of it's size they were
unable to move it so instead buried it where it lay.  He wanted to know
if I was interested in coming with him to find it.  I asked him why me,
and he said because I had read the document and knew what it was we were
looking for.  He went on to say also that he was putting every bit of
money that he had into outfitting a special vehicle that would carry
research equipment and supplies, but that he didn't have enough.  By
this time I was thoroughly hooked on the idea and made an agreement with
him to sell my business and then put most of the money that I made into
the vehicle also. Which is what I did.

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