The Grudge/Blue Book Incident

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Project Blue Book


When I arrived in Tucson it was in the early morning hours and I
made my way to Wendelle Stevens home where I woke him up by knocking on
his bedroom window.  Being the good egg that he is, he let me into his
home and gave me some food, the use of his shower and a shirt (the pants
were to small).  After I had refreshed myself I related to him
everything that taken place during the past several days while he
recorded it with his recorder and took notes.  I have since learned that
the original tapes have disappeared.  After several hours of talking
with Wendelle I pretty much told him everything that I could and he was
kind enough to give me a ride home from his place.  

As we approached the apartment where I was then living with a lady
friend, I spotted a large black car parked in front of the building.
I asked Wendelle to drive around the corner from the apartment and drop
me off.  Making my way back to the apartment I let myself in the back
door and then quietly looked out the front of the window to see somebody
sitting inside the vehicle smoking a cigarette.  They (whoever they
were) were watching for me.  It was time to leave and go into hiding.


I spent the next several days in the apartment making plans for my
disappearance.  The first thing that I did was break up with my girl
friend, which I wasn't happy about doing, but I remembered what happened
with my wife and felt that for her own protection it would be best.  I
then took what few processions I had accumulated and sold them to a
local thrift store and then moved to a small trailer on the west side
of town.  I stayed there for about a month and then packed my backpack
and caught a bus to Phoenix, Arizona, where I made sure that I was
arrested in the bus station by a Phoenix police officer on an old
traffic ticket.  When I arrived at the holding cell at the Phoenix
police department I called my sister and had her drive to Phoenix to
pick me up and pay the fines with money that I had left with her for
this purpose.  She then drove me back to Tucson where I spent the night
at her home.

The following morning I said my goodbyes and struck out to the edge
of town and across the desert, traveling toward San Diego by night.  It
took me about a week to get there and once there I headed toward Los
Angeles via the Coastal Highway.  I arrived in L.A. almost three weeks
after leaving Tucson.  

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