The Grudge/Blue Book Incident

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Project Blue Book

When I got to Los Angeles I spent my first night in town in a
shelter for the homeless.  This in itself was an experience that one
could write several books about.  Upon my arrival at the shelter it
became a slow and tedious process of hurry up and wait.  In order to
get a meal you had to wait for several hours in the waiting room until
they past out tickets for you to eat.  Then you had to wait several more
hours before they opened the dinning room for you to enter.  Once you
entered the dining room and went through the line to eat the simple meal
(it wasn't mom's home cooking, but if you were hungry, it was good) you
then went back out into the waiting room and waited for them to pass out
more tickets for you to get a place to sleep for the night.  The waiting
was a pain, but I soon found by watching others that if you did wait you
didn't eat and you did get a place to sleep for the night.  By this time
I was feeling fairly depressed and wasn't about to sleep outside another
night.  I needed a shower, which, as it turned out, was obligatory,
along with a free louse inspection and spraying if it was found that you
were carrying uninvited guest, and I needed time to think out my next

It always seems that during the hardest times in my life I always
turn to God.  Not because I am overly zealous as a believer, but more
because I do seem to get a certain amount of comfort from him during
the most difficult times of my life, and sometimes I even get
inspiration.  I cannot and will not say whether or not it comes from
God, but when I need it the most the help seems to appear only after I
have done some serious praying.  Such was the case this time.  As I lay
there praying quietly to myself, a rather forlorn and skinny looking
fellow in the bed next to me looked over and said, "if you need a place
to stay and hid for a while, why don't you go check out the Hudson

It never occurred to me at the time, that this might have been a
message from the man upstairs, but it certainly was an answer to my
prayers.  I thanked the fellow and went to sleep feeling much better
about the events of the past several weeks.
The next morning I woke up and went down to the free breakfast that
they gave to all of the overnighters as we were called and then packed
my kit and found a pay phone. I called the office of Social Services in
L.A. and inquired about the HUdson House, and obtained the phone number.
I then called and was told that there was one opening at House number
one and given direction to the place.

I had just enough money to take a L.A. Bus to the location of house
number one which to my delight was just one block down from Grauman's
Chinese Theater and the heart of Hollywood.  The house was located on
Franklin Avenue.

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