The Grudge/Blue Book Incident

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Project Blue Book

When I arrived I was met at the door by a fellow who I shall refer
to as Robert.  The reason I am changing this young man's name will
become obvious in a moment.  When I came into the house I was escorted
to the dinning room area and invited to sit down and fill out the
necessary forms, which seemed fairly standard in a situation like this.
The rules of Hudson House were explained to me.  For the first two weeks
there I was obligated to travel out with several other members of the
house to solicit donations from the outlying communities for the
American Missions Association, which sponsored the operations of the
Hudson Houses.  At the end of the two week period I would then be
allowed time to go out and find a job in the local community and I would
agree to pay the Hudson House operation $200.00 per week for room and
board.  Under the circumstances this seemed fairly reasonable to me and
as I filled out the paperwork I thought that perhaps this would be the
ideal situation for a while, then I would move on again once I was able
to establish myself a little bit of a nest egg.  What came next was more
than just a little bit of a surprise.

As I sat there filling out the paperwork I came across a form that
at first seemed innocuous until I looked at the bottom of it.  Printed
there were the letters G, B, S, and the instructions to circle one.  Not
understanding what it meant I asked Bob and he told me that it meant
Gay, Bi-sexual, or Straight.  I didn't think anything more of it at that
moment thinking that it was California and the people that lived there
were a bit different to begin with so I circled S since I was neither
of the first two (here comes the kicker gang).  When I circled the S Bob
got a funny look on his face and started to hem and hah a little bit.
Finally he looked at me and said that there was a problem.  "Oh?", says
I. "What kind of a problem is that?"  Hudson House is a halfway house
for Gays . . .. "OOOOK!" I think to myself.

I must have turned white or something, because Bob tried to be as
nice as he could, and you have to bear in mind that all of this took
place within a matter of milliseconds.  Thinking fast, I looked him dead
in the eye and said, "I don't have a problem with that if you don't".
After several minutes of discussion with Bob, I assured him that
I had nothing against Gays and would respect them and their lifestyle
if they accorded me the same respect.  Besides, I told him, I needed a
place to live and more or less get my collective shit together and
currently this was the best offer in town.  After making a few phone
calls to the administrators of the operation he agreed to give it a try
for a while to see how things went.  I could write a book about the
following three months.  It was an experience that I shall never forget,
and believe it or not, one that I shall remember with a certain amount
of fondness. 

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