The Grudge/Blue Book Incident

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Project Blue Book


I learned a great deal, and many of those lessons have
helped me considerably since then.  I will say this, however.  There is
nothing stranger than to have a gay in love with another gay come to you
and ask advice about what he, or for that matter, she, should do to win
over the other.  By the time I left, they were referring to me as "Papa
Bear", the "Ann Landers" of the Gay World (What a distinction!).
I lived at the Hudson House in L.A. for about three months, during
which time I did my two weeks of service and was then allowed to go out
and seek employment.  Using the services provided by the organization,
I found a job working at a restaurant that was owned, operated, and
frequented by gays in the local community, as a fry cook at $5.00 and
hour.  It wasn't the greatest paying job in the world, but it allowed
me the opportunity to support myself and at the same time save enough
money to begin phase two of my now established plan.  I must admit that
being more or less an observer of life, I enjoyed the real life drama
that was taking place around me.  One of these days, if I ever get to
the point where I can stop being a UFO Investigator, I might sit down
and write several books about the incidents.  In many respects, I doubt
seriously that you could go through much of that without splitting your
sides in laughter.

At the end of three months I had managed to save enough money to
begin phase two, which was to leave California without notice and head
eastward to the farm my mother had bought several years previously in
Virginia, and where she had recently moved when she and my step father
had retired.  During the second week in November, just after I got my
pay check from the restaurant, I informed the managers that I was
quitting without notice.  I then went back to the Hudson House and
packed my bags telling everyone that I had to return to Arizona for an
emergency in the family and walked to the bus station where I then
caught a bus for Virginia.

During the next eight years I spent a fairly quiet life.  The first
year I lived on my mother's farm, working and helping her and my dad to
remodel the farmhouse.  During this period my step-father was forced to
return to work in Saudi Arabia as a construction engineer on a project
there.  I personally think it was because my mother was turning him into
a lunatic, but in any case I spent most of the year alone with what at
the time appeared to be the mad woman of chalet (or something like
that).  In any case she made me slightly crazy.  After about a year, she
and I more or less got tired of each other, and one day I told her that
I didn't think that I would make a very good farmer.  Her reply to that
was, "Ok. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out".  I left
that day and moved into Lynchburg, Virginia, which was the closest town
to the farm, and as it happened was the home of Liberty University and
Gerry Falwell.  Whom I later came to victimize on a fairly regular basis
when I went into late night radio.

During the next several years I quietly disassociated myself from
UFO's and research into that field, eventually divorcing my wife and
remarrying a second time.  The marriage lasted about three months and
ended rather nastily when she awoke one morning to inform me that she
was pregnant and she didn't want to be, and that I was a royal pain in
the ass, and that she didn't want to be married anymore.  Not a real
confidence booster.  Especially in light of the fact that we had dated
each other for the better part of a year and a half before I asked her
to marry me, and we discussed the fact that I couldn't handle a second
loss of this nature.  Oh well . . . so much for promises and love.
Needless to say I more or less fell apart at the seams for a while and
went on a six month toot that would have made W.C. Fields proud.
Eventually however, I did get my shit back together again.  By this time
I was working at a radio station in Crewe, Virginia and writing articles
for the local weekly newspaper.  She had the baby and tried to hit me
for child support, and circumstances being what they were I am probably
one of the few men in this country to be crazy enough to stand in front
of a judge and tell him that he'd see me pay "that woman" $200.00 a
month in child support, when he saw christ walk on earth for a second
time, and get away with it.

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