The Grudge/Blue Book Incident

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Project Blue Book



As it turned out the "Asshole" was John Lear, and he wasn't really
an asshole at all.  Unfortunately, my father misinterpreted John's
persistence and desires to get in contact with me, and didn't really
give him a chance.  And to be perfectly honest, I, at the time wasn't
really interested in contacting John because I had finally reached a
point in my life where everything in my life was going well, and I was

During the course of the next several months I received several
more terse messages from my father but did nothing about them.  Then one
night while working at the radio station I happened to see a story on
the Associate Press Wire Service concerning Walt Andrus, Founder and
Director of MUFON.  The story seemed to be extremely out of character
for Walt from what little I knew of him, and it was of such a nature
that I could no longer ignore the possibility of coming back into the
investigative field of UFOlogy.  After giving it a great deal of thought
I contacted Wendelle Stevens at his home in Arizona.  Needless to say,
Wendelle damned near had a heart attack when he heard my voice on the
phone.  Playing catch up for thirty or so seconds and finding out that
I had a prominent part in a recent book published by Bill Steinman and
himself, I agreed to read the book and asked him not to let anyone know
that I was alive and well contrary to the belief that I had been killed,
until I had a chance to think things through.  He agreed and sent a copy
of the Book "UFO Crash at Aztec" for me to read.

Within the next few days the book arrived and I sat down to read
it carefully.  As I read it, it became apparent to me that other
evidence had come to light that substantiate everything that I had been
saying all along for the past twelve or so years.  It was then that I
made the decision to contact John Lear.

When I called the number that had been forwarded to me by my
father, I represented myself as Bill English's lawyer, saying that he
was overseas and had asked me to contact him and find out what he
wanted.  John was very pleasant on the phone and explained that he want
to talk to "Bill" about his viewing of "Blue Book Report #13.  I then
asked what he wanted to know and he explained that he was investigating
the claims and needed more information concerning them.  I told him that
I would pass the message on and let Mr. English know.

I then waited several more days before contacting John.  This time
as myself.  We talked and he asked if he could meet me in Virginia to
talk with me.  the rest you already know from Chapter one of this

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