The Grudge/Blue Book Incident

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Project Blue Book


Very shortly after John's visit, WLVA began to experience severe
financial difficulties and there were forced to release much of the
production and air staff, so I lost my job.  It was at this point that
my wife and I decided that it was now necessary for my to once again
become active in the investigative fields.  We had the money and
opportunity to move so we came to Alamogordo, New Mexico for a number
of reason.  The first being, oddly enough, that I was born here.  The
second reason was because it was the last place I visited while actively
investigating before my disappearance.  I had unfinished business here.

Since our return here I have been quietly investigating the Black
and Horn incident, trying to gain evidence to verify what took place
that night on the Missile Range.  So far without much luck, but in the
meantime I, and my associate Dick Shefler have founded UFINET, UFO News
and Information Service which is devoted to cooperation with other
Investigative Organizations and Investigators.  Admittedly, there are
a certain few that are giving me an ulcer because of the crud that is
being said about myself and some of the material that is going out, but
all in all we have met with a great deal of success.


Here is the story . . . make what you will of it, and form your
own opinions, but certainly don't believe everything that you've read.
As I have said before, the material I viewed in the Grudge/Blue Book
Report #13, could have been false information designed to mislead those
of you trying to get at the truth.  However, based on the other
information that has come to light over the past ten years, I doubt it. 

I present the story of what I saw with this possibility in mind and
relate only what I had happen to me.

Since 1977 there have been a total of what appeared to be fifteen
attempts against my life.  Like many of you I find it difficult to
believe that if the government wanted me dead they would have failed in
their efforts.  Which leaves open several possibilities. The first and
most unlikely being that they are complete incompetents, and the second
being that the attempts are an effort to motivate me into certain
directions.  As it is I am making an effort to let the public know that
whatever is going on, it is happening and that we need more evidence and
information before we even know what questions to ask in order to obtain
the answers that we as investigators so desperately need.

Form your own opinions about this report I have written, but
whatever you do, stay open to the possibilities and examine the world
around you carefully before you become locked into a narrow minded view
of the world around you.

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