The Grudge/Blue Book Incident

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Project Blue Book

Report referred to one UFO that was recovered and test flown. The
UFO blew up as the two Air Force pilots aboard attempted to leave the
atmosphere. English recalls the date as in the mid 50's.
Report refers to flying saucer program as `Project Red Light' and
that a secret installation had been constructed in the middle of the
Atomic Energy Commission testing ground in Nevada.
At the time of the report 11 alien cadavers were being kept at
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. 

That additional alien cadavers were being stored at 4 to 5 other
medical institutions.
That 2 flying saucers of extraterrestrial origin had been tested
in the wind tunnel at langley, Va.
That at the time of the report one disc was being stored at McDill
Air Force Base, Florida. 

That at the time of the report, 1 damaged disc was at Eglin Air
Force Base in Florida.
That at the time of the report that had been 2 UFO incidents at
Ft. Riley, Kansas. 

That at the time of the report a detachment of the Alpha Recovery
Team was based at Randolph Air Force Base.

The report discussed civilian and military personnel who had been
terminated `to eliminate potentially dangerous elements to the national

The General James Doolittle had been mentioned several times in
the report with the notation that "his (Doolittle's) predictions might
be correct". There was no indication of what those predictions might
have been. 

A short segment containing the quotation. "By presidential order,
certain aspects of research have been undertaken".


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