A Dulce Base Security Officer Speaks Out

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Q -- Please explain the method they use to identify each inmate.

A -- No one has a name. When first brought to this facility, they were
issued one large 'number'. Usually that code has a mixture of numbers and
letters. They show the place, how, and by who, followed by the time, age,
sex and finally the personal number [their S.S. number]. For example it
might look like this: NVLV-00A-00700-P00:00:00-00-M-000-00-000

Q -- With that huge facility, trash and garbage must be a real problem, how
do they dispose it?

A -- It was never a problem. Some of it is 'reformed' or melted down then
remade. Some of the wet garbage is 'eaten' by bacterial forms, and what's
left is vaporized in a vat like chamber. The residue of that action [it
takes them months to get enough to measure] is used in a complex lye and
used to fertilize crops.

Q -- Where is your family? Not just your wife and son, but parents and

A -- Cathy and Eric are still missing. My parents died in a car crash when
I was in my teens. I have one brother, if he is alive I suspect he is
inside an underground base some where. I haven't heard from him for several
years. Please pray for them, please!

Q -- What is your birth date, and where were you born?

A -- 23 April 1941, Glen Ellyn, IL [actually in a farm at home, in the
place now called Glen Ellyn, my birth certificate list is at Wheaton, IL]

Q -- You have been through so much, and yet keep fighting, what is your
biggest fear?

A -- That the general public will forget THE TRAPPED INNOCENT PEOPLE in the
despicable place, and will ignore THE HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN, WOMEN AND MEN

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