A Dulce Base Security Officer Speaks Out

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In one version a Mormon Temple worker
penetrated an underground tunnel below the 'square' in downtown Salt Lake
City and traveled for some distance through a series of underground
catacombs until running into a 'lizard' like man. The creature attempted to
attack him but the man escaped and managed to find his way back to the
surface. He began telling other people what had happened and soon
afterwards the 'government' arrived in the area and went in and closed off
many of the tunnels leading to the sub-basements of the Temple. Presumably
there was some heated debates over how much of the underground system this
denomination was allowed to control. A similar dispute apparently occurred
to the southwest where the LDS church maintained a large storage facility
under Granite Mountain in Little Cottonwood canyon, within the upper levels
of a vast network of caverns.


Fascist CIA elements and the Grays came in
and took control of the larger caverns deeper within the mountain and
ordered the 'vault' workers to stay out of the 'forbidden' areas -- and
stated that the "U.S. Government" was now using them for "National
Security" purposes and that it was their "patriotic duty" to maintain the
secret. The other version concerned a custodian who entered a tunnel near
the cinemas area below the Crossroads Mall across the street and to the
south from the temple square, while excavation was being carried out in a
that part of the Mall. The worker entered the tunnel and before long
encountered a 'serpent' type man, beat a hasty retreat, and told his fellow
workers what he had seen.


The FBI and/or the local police soon arrived and
sealed the tunnel. Another story involved a young man who, along with a
friend, had used a chain tied to his pickup truck to rip-up a manhole cover
in the area near the 'Mall' and the 'Square'. They navigated through a maze
of sewer passages underneath and came to a shaft that descended in a series
of 5 small 'rooms' one below the other, and from the bottom room a tunnel
led south into a large chamber wherein they saw a seemingly bottomless
shaft, a large southwest tunnel strung with lights and 'large enough to
drive a semi through', and the footprints of some type of three-toed
bi-pedal creature.


Other sources imply that early pioneers and settlers of
the area who explored these tunnels came in contact with and in some cases
even joined with some of the Telosian-Agharti-Melchizedek-Mayan underground
colonies below the Salt Lake Flats, the Salt Lake Valley and the Western
Rockies. These subterraneans had formerly established territorial
agreements with the Reptiloids and Grays before the aliens begun invading
their subterranean lands below the intermountain west en-masse in the early
1900's. The treaties were part of an attempt to stave off a possible
inter-species conflict, as skirmishes between the humanoids [Teros] and
reptiloids [Deros] within the cavern networks of North America had been
increasing since the 1920's, 30's and 40's.


Because of a somewhat
non-exclusive collective-mind with which these humans interacted, it was
decided that one possible way to 'convert' the reptilians into becoming
beings of emotion and compassion was to allow them access to the group

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