A Dulce Base Security Officer Speaks Out

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The Dulce wars were just the mere tip of the
proverbial iceberg when we consider that the overall events which happened
at Dulce had a chain reaction effect throughout this whole sector of not
the galaxy. Before the division occurred, the reptiloids were invited to
take part in 'peace talks' in Telos and elsewhere as an act of good faith,
but the reptiloid-grey collectivists were more interested in expanding
their empire and feeding their insatiable appetite for conquest than they
were in making peace, although they agreed to peace treaties that they
never intended to keep for 'Trojan horse' manipulation purposes.


There is a
remnant collaboration such as that taking place in the underground
facilities near Paradox Nevada where collectivist humanoids and reptiloids
from Sirius and Sol still maintain a collaboration of necessity -- in order
to establish a global control system, however a large number of humanoids
within the underground systems are at war with the
collectivist-interventionist Reptilian infiltrators who would otherwise
'assimilate' these humanoids into their collective through deception,
espionage and mind control.


Now several contactees like Alex Collier, Ray
Keller, Stan Johnson and others are claiming that the conflicts in Sirius
between the Andro-Pleiadean backed Ashtar forces and the Draco-Orion backed
Ashtar forces -- which were infiltrated and commandeered by Draco-Orion
agents -- have now spread to the Sol system, as both stellar superpowers
have focused on this most strategic system, intent on protecting their
respective 'interests' here from being subverted by the other side. -

Q -- Does the Mt. Archuleta "shuttle system" connect with a shuttle system
which allegedly radiates from Mt. Shasta in northern California?

A -- Yes. Mt. Shasta is a major site of Alien - Elder Race - Reptilian Race
- Human meetings. Beginning Cleveland, Grover every president in U.S.
history have visited Telos City. Truman was supposed to have visited the
Lower Realms as a High Archon on Earth. He was supposed to have met the
King of the World there, and gave him the "Keys to the U.S.A." (Note:
Whether or not the reigning 'King' of the Agharti realms at the time had
benevolent or other motives, subjecting America to an outside super-power
without Congressional consent would be considered high treason. Although
unelected/appointed 'individuals' working within the
Executive-Military-Industrial branch of 'government' might choose to do so
of their own volition without Congressional or Senatorial consent, such an
act cannot apply to the 'America' which is based on the Declaration of
Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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