Drone sent to ‘investigate’ mysterious crop circles in southern Russia (VIDEO)

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Volunteers now plan to take soil samples, hoping to determine the origin of the geometrical shapes. The local administration believes the oval shapes could be the remnants of an old abandoned road that was once in the area. The circle however remains a mystery.


Russian Farmer Surveys Crop circle


A farmer in Russia’s southern Republic of Adygea woke up to find his very own crop circles. No one understands how the six perfect formations, measuring 7-13 meters in diameter got there, and security reports seeing nothing during the night.


Two of the biggest circles contain a pierced hole about half a meter deep. The four circles nearby are smaller, but contain a small perfectly-shaped island of left-over wheat at the center.


"Even around 22:00 the day before yesterday, nothing was there. They were up the following morning,” Sergey Anisimov told the Maykop City Portal on Monday. “None of my security guys saw who could have done it, and how, so there is no one to give credit to.”


Crop circles have been seen by humans for several centuries now, but their complexity and frequency increased since the 1970s, with the United Kingdom considered a particularly spooky place, as the formations emerged near ancient cultural heritage sites. A particularly mysterious case took place in Australia when a farmer in the town of Tully reported seeing a bright light in the sky the night before huge circles were found in freshwater lagoons near his farm.


Anisimov remains intrigued. The farmer wanted to photograph the patterns from above, but strong winds prevented him from doing so on Sunday.


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