Bolton, UK UFO Sighting Leaves Family Shocked

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A family claim their barbecue was interrupted by four UFOs 'zooming across the sky' - quickly followed by a Ministry of Defence helicopter.

Andrea Finney, from Bolton, Lancashire, was enjoying a pleasant outdoor family meal with her husband Nigel and their son when the mysterious event left them spooked.

The 48-year-old, who works in property management, told Mirror Online: "There were four of them, and they zoomed across the sky.

"You just had to be there to see it, it was the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life.


"They zoomed off after we spotted them, and the craziest thing was that they were then followed by a Ministry of Defence helicopter.

"I was just gobsmacked." 


 Upon seeing the UFOs, she alerted her husband Nigel to get a camera.

The 50-year-old delivery driver said: "I took photos as quick as I could.


"We just could not explain it. They were not hot air balloons. They were not Chinese lanterns. They were just something else.

"Our camera does not have a good zoom on it or anything - it is just a normal camera, so we took what we could but afterwards we just could not explain it.

"It's a mystery."


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