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This well made documentary [Contact 2014] makes the case for UFOs being the transport for extraterrestrial beings [who cannot seem to get into contact with humans with all of their amazing technology]. It also believes the Pyramids in Egypt were built by aliens, much the same theory that the TV series Ancient Aliens holds to. It claims that the pyramids send a signal to all inter-galactic traffic (that we are unable to detect by the way) that Earth is owned by humans, and not to interfere. The Pyramids are there to "protect us" according to the film.

The alien craft are lining up according to the placement of those ancient pyramids, which represent the constellation Orion. In other words, the film states, alien craft are simply responding to a message we sent 4,000 years ago. The pyramids are better at broadcasting our intelligence to the universe, because it is big, silent, and more sophisticated than radio waves sent by SETI, [Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence].

The evidence is Unequivocal for extraterrestrials [according to this film].

The film reports on the Pheonix Lights incident, which occurred on Thursday, March 13, 1997 at around 7:30PM to 10:30PM MST. The narrator goes on to state the first "message" sent by the phonex lights was again the constellation Orion, in a series of 3 lights.  "Every alien vehicle that appears, the 3 light sequence is the first thing they say".

Actual eye witness reports would disagree with this statement. All manner of light formations and sequences one could think of have been reported.

The advent of the film camera has proven beyond a doubt that something is going on regarding the thousands of reported UFOs. Once dismissed as delusion, or hallucination, they prove that lights are actually within our reality. Today, almost everyone has the highest resolution, and best video recording devices ever produced. This great leap in camera technology is only an after-thought in devices that every has and uses daily, our mobile phones. Everyone know also has enough film, is always in the right place, and always has the right camera, with technology.

High resolution video capture devices have also permeated throughout the population, and are available at a click of a button. From 2009 until today, UFO reports have increased dramatically. Also, cell phones are capturing similar UFO events on opposite sides of the planet.

UFO reports of where there are multiple craft, the craft line up into similar formations all over the world.

The film also claims UFO formations are a language, that as of yet, human cannot understand.

-Editor's Notes

This film does have some very good points, and is worth a watch. We disagree on what these lights are, and what they represent. It is believed they are deceptive. I also do not believe these thing are from space. Our detection satellites could see objects arriving near Earth for days before getting here, yet visibility is either not reported, or simply does not happen. We would detect them even if they are moving at massive speed, due to the incomprehensible size of the galaxy and universe. Their actions seem more like an inter-dimensional object that can appear and disappear in our dimension at will.

Which also brings the question of what is piloting these objects (if anything).

"Aliens" as of yet have not made "contact" in a matter of fact way as this film wants you to believe. There is far more to this subject than reported in the film. You will find this subject matter on this website.

This film has a grandiose view of the UFO issue. The end of the film is amusing as the narrator spends a good 4 minutes telling you he has the answers to everything. Its called "The Knowledge of the Forever Time". Written and Narrated by Damon T. Berry. We are unsure if this is a book, or movie for purchase, as the author does not reveal such.

 I believe there is a much larger reality and even more strange situation happening regarding UFO sightings.



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